Dead Rising 3 cinematic trailer goes full Romero

Cinematic trailers are a mixed bag. Most of the time, they leave you shaking your head and asking, “Why can’t I do something that cool in the game?” But sometimes, they give you a nice taste of what a game has to offer in a beautiful computer-generated package. This cinematic trailer of Dead Rising 3 belongs to the latter category.

The trailer reintroduces us to the game’s protagonist, Nick Ramos, and introduces us to his “new best friend,” Annie. During the trailer’s four-minute running time, Ramos puts a buzzsaw and a sledgehammer to good use before modifying a motorcycle into a tank, similar to the main characters of the Dawn of the Dead remake. Other Romero touches abound including the memory theory of zombie behavior and the firearms proficiency hinted at in Day of the Dead.

Dead Rising 3 is currently scheduled as an Xbox One launch title and it’ll be released in November.

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