10 Actresses We Think Could Play Elena Fisher in the Uncharted Movie


Recently, we looked at who could play Nathan Drake and his fatherly cohort in crime, Victor “Sully” Sullivan, in the upcoming film adaptation of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted franchise. However, their Indiana Jones-esque adventures would not be complete without American journalist Elena Fisher there to film their antics, get kidnapped, and break Nate’s heart. But which Hollywood darling could play the part and woo one of gaming’s most lovable rogues? We have picked ten actresses that we think best fits the part.

Emily Rose
The woman behind Elena’s voice, Emily Rose, is almost identical to her pixelated counterpart. Not only that, but she is a geek favourite, having starred in SyFy’s TV series Haven since it began in 2010. She will next be seen in season two of crime drama Graceland, but if given a chance, she could make the step from small screen to cinema stardom in a role she has already defined in the video games.

Maggie Grace
We all have our dopplegangers in the world, and Emily Rose has hers in Maggie Grace. If Sony was unwilling to take a risk on Elena’s voice actress, then they may take one on Grace, who, in her relatively short career, has chalked up a large number of TV and film roles, including the kidnapped daughter in Taken. She also appeared in a regular role during the first one-and-a-half seasons of Lost, as well as Californication and Susanna. She was also, for her sins, in the final Twilight film, but because she is so utterly gorgeous, we will forgive her that one blemish.

Elizabeth Olsen
Sometimes referred to as “the third Olsen sister,” Elizabeth has come a long way from her child acting days as “Lizzie Olsen.” In the last three years she has been building up a strong resume of critically acclaimed performances in films such as Martha Marcy May Marlene and Kill Your Darlings. She is soon to break into blockbusters in a big way, first facing off against Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, and then bringing the magic to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Scarlet Witch in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The question is, after two big franchise titles, would she consider becoming involved in a third?

Margot Robbie
Since her captivating, head-turning role in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, Australian-born Robbie has been inundated with roles, including sci-fi apocalyptic drama Z for Zachariah opposite Chris Pine and BAFTA award winner Chiwetel Ejiofor, and as love interest Jane Porter to Alexander Skarsgard’s Tarzan. The latter is still in pre-production, but given its progress, it should be finished by the time Uncharted’s adaptation gets going. This could prove ideal for the actress who, only three years ago, was acting on Australian soap opera Neighbours.

Imogen Poots
When she won the starring role in the sequel to Danny Boyle’s zombie smash 28 Days Later, it seemed Poots was destined for instant stardom. Seven years after 28 Weeks Later, she is still relatively unknown, despite working her British arse off in all manner of roles, from Blanche Ingram in Jane Eyre to violinist Alexandra Gelbart opposite the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman in A Late Quartet. She has recently been seen pouting her lips opposite Aaron Paul’s in video game adaptation Need For Speed, positioning her well in the eyes of casting directors for the coveted role of Elena.

Kristen Bell
Best known as teen detective Veronica Mars, Bell is no stranger to video games, having voiced Lucy Stillman in Assassin’s Creed and its sequels. Since then, she’s ping-ponged from television to film and back with her highest profile film role as the titular heartbreaker in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She and Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas successfully crowdfunded a feature film based on the show, which proves she still has a strong appeal among her fan base. She brings sass to any role, best witnessed in House of Lies opposite Don Cheadle, and her precise comic timing could lend itself well to the material.

Rosamund Pike
Pike was only 23 when she appeared as sword-swinging Bond villainess Miranda Frost in Die Another Day, and has since divided her time between large, explosive films, including the adaptation of Doom, and quirky, mostly British indie flicks. With a CV that would make most actresses jealous, Pike could certainly inhabit the proactive shoes of Elena. She is also due to voice posh super-sleuth Lady Penelope in Thunderbirds Are Go!, which earns her a place on any list, anywhere.

Amber Heard
The soon to be Mrs. Johnny Depp has had small but memorable roles in a number of recent films, including Zombieland and Machete Kills. She led the cast as the bunny-tailed Maureen in the how-could-it-fail-it’s-about-sex TV series The Playboy Club. As well as her impending nuptials to Captain Jack Sparrow, she starred opposite Kevin Costner in 3 Days To Kill, and will soon seen alongside her groom-to-be in the adaptation of Martin Amis’ book London Fields. With these projects and the celebrity gossip her wedding will no doubt attract, her stock could be rising very fast, enough to attract Sony’s attention to be their leading lady.

Rachael Taylor
Best known as the sexy hacker Maggie Madsen in the first Transformers film, the bleach-blonde Aussie swapped battling robots for a smattering of small film roles, before making the transition to TV, working on both the short-lived Charlie’s Angels reboot and also 666 Park Avenue. She is currently starring in NBC’s new series Crisis opposite Gillian Anderson, and will later be a potential victim in horror flick The Loft alongside Judge Dredd himself, fellow Australian Karl Urban. While perhaps lacking a glowing resume, Taylor certain has a feisty quality that she could bring to the role of an investigative reporter. She’s pretty easy on the eyes too.

Jessy Schram
An outside choice, but a worthy contender due to her striking resemblance to Elena, Schram is best known as the antagonist in TNT’s acclaimed sci-fi drama Falling Skies. She has had guest roles in over a dozen series, occasionally dabbling in big screen projects as well, including the late Tony Scott’s train disaster movie Unstoppable. She has just finished The Beautiful Ones, which transplants Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet into the criminal underworld of Los Angeles, and given the right chance, she could nail the role of Elena.

So what do you reckon, readers? Does one of these lovely actresses capture your heart as well as Nathan Drake’s? Have we missed someone more obvious? Please don’t say Jennifer Lawrence. We love her but she’s in everything!

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