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Apologies for the absence of Kickstart This! on Warp Zoned in March, but my sister decided to get married and then invite a few of us to join them in New York for the first leg of their honeymoon (not as weird as it sounds). While seeing the many sights the Big Apple had to offer, and munching my way through the trifecta of pizza, pretzel, and hot dog, I managed to pop into Nintendo World at Rockefeller Plaza. It was great to meet and play with some American gamers, though my girlfriend dragged me out before I was able to buy some of the amazing tees on sale. It re-invigorated my love for video games, which everyone needs once in a while. Sometimes we all go through slumps where our enthusiasm wanes, and for much of March I was stuck in one.

But I have crossed back over the Atlantic buzzing to play some great games, and help fund some beautiful and unique ones on Kickstarter. This week, I’m travelling into space with Ira, creating new lands in Izle, and becoming a papercraft samurai in Upside-Down Dimensions.

Project: Ira
Genre: 3D Point-And-Click Adventure
Platforms: PC (Win, Mac, Linux)
Funding Target: $68,200

What Is It?
Ira is best described as a game that captures the excitement and sense of adventure from the trailers for Interstellar. But hopefully it manages to deliver where Christopher Nolan’s space opus failed. The story charts three different periods of time in the life of one man, the titular Ira. The first sees him on his present-day mission exploring space. Another section takes place in the past, with Ira dreaming of traveling to the stars, while the last flashes forward to the future, to see what he finds out there.

Why Fund It?
Ore Creative has tapped into the resurgence of the point-and-click adventure with a dramatic and cinematic story that is broad in its scope as well as its emotional pull. Not only that, but the way it is presented, in three distinct time periods, is fairly unique in a genre that is largely linear. Fans of classic point-and-click games will not be disappointed, while those new to the genre will find it a great entry point.

Best Rewards?

  • Digital copy of the game (early bird limited to 150) – $10 ($15 otherwise)
  • Digital copy of the game, digital soundtrack, and digital art book – $20
  • Digital copy of the game, soundtrack on vinyl, poster, and physical art book – $89

Project: Izle
Genre: 3D Action Adventure RPG
Platforms: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), Wii U, PS4, Xbox One
Funding Target: $90,000

What Is It?
What do you get if you cross The Legend of Zelda with No Man’s Sky, and add a dose of Populus? The answer seems to be Izle from Ynnis Interactive. The 3D procedurally-generated action-adventure RPG sees players summoning the powers of the gods to rebuild the world of light, one island at a time. No two islands will ever be the same, but players must succeed in the missions on that island if they want it to thrive.

Why Fund It?
Not only does it look amazing thanks to Ynnis Interactive’s unique smooth-voxel engine, but it manages to mesh a number of different genres into something that feels completely original. It is a game greater than the sum of its parts. While building and exploring the islands would be enough of a draw, the twist by adding RPG-style quests ups the ante. If the game can find the right balance between the two, it will be one of the most exciting projects of this decade.

Best Rewards?

  • Digital copy of the game – $14
  • Access to the alpha build, plus digital sound track and art book. You will also write a story to be included in the game’s logs – $25
  • Two alpha keys for you and a friend, plus Kickstarter-exclusive abilities in game – $29
  • All previous rewards, plus VIP status with Ynnis Interactive, receiving all future games from the developer (limited to 500) – $49
  • All previous rewards, plus you get to design your very own island for the game – $1,000
  • Spend a weekend with the Ynnis Interactive team, including a tour of the studio in Paris, plus all previous rewards – $10,000

Project: Upside-Down-Dimensions
Genre: 2.5D Action Platformer
Platforms: PC (Win, Mac, Linux)
Funding Target: $75,000

What Is It?
Inspired by Japanese lore and the paper-folding art of origami, Upside-Down Dimensions looks like an action platformer version of Tearaway. It offers players a fusion of puzzle-solving and fast-action platforming with vibrant characters in a delectable world.

Why Fund It?
It’s origami samurai! If those two words combined are not enough for you, Madrid-based Hydra Interactive (Hail Hydra!) is promising a classic tale of good vs evil. The mixture of puzzle solving and combat looks fun, while the game offers players the choice between a male and female character: Ryuu and Princess Keiko. Together, this pair embarks on the epic journey to overthrow the evil that has invaded their land.

Best Rewards?

  • Digital copy of the game (early bird limited to 250) – $10 ($15 otherwise)
  • Early access key to the game, plus digital art book – $30 ($40 to add a special Ninja character to the mix)
  • Limited edition box set of game, printed art book, postcards, and either a full scale replica of Keiko’s umbrella or Ryuu’s sword – $200
  • All of the above, plus a cosplay costume of either Ryuu or Keiko (limited to 10 for each character) – $1000
  • Players can send Hydra a picture of themselves which they will use as the basis for a character. You can also choose a mythological Japanese creature that your likeness will transform into – $4,000

Until Next Time…
And with that ninja-like paper cut, we are done for another week. Please do check out these incredible games, and if one, or even all, of the projects speak to you in some way, why not help the developers out with whatever you can spare?

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