Nintendo Download: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, Pokemon Rumble World, more


It’s a big week for the Nintendo eShop as Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is available to download for the 3DS. But remember, not just any 3DS system can handle Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. You’ll need a New 3DS XL in order to play Nintendo’s beautiful remake of the Wii hit. But if you’ve got one, you’ll be able to download the game through the 3DS eShop on April 10 (AKA tomorrow).

If you’re looking for something on the 3DS eShop today, you’ve got a few options. Atlus has released Etrian Mystery Dungeon, a procedurally-generated dungeon-crawler that merges the Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon franchises. Also available today is Pokemon Rumble World, a free-to-play arena brawler starring all 700 of your favorite Pokemon.

Over on the Wii U eShop, players will be able to download a pair of DS games through the Virtual Console and Affordable Space Adventures. Affordable Space Adventures offers exactly what it says on the tin… a space simulator on the Wii U that is completely affordable by the average person. And players with a love for the DS will want to know that minigame collection WarioWare: Touched! and stylus-based platformer Yoshi Touch & Go are both now available to download.

More information on all these games (and one more new release) can be found after the break.

3DS eShop

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D – Take up arms against an invading army in this remake of the acclaimed Wii RPG, playable only on the New Nintendo 3DS XL system. Explore landscapes and beat down foes in battles that blend real-time action with RPG strategy. Exclusive features make Xenoblade Chronicles 3D the best way to learn the truth behind the mythical sword, the Monado. (Available April 10)

Etrian Mystery Dungeon – Far off in the mountains, the small village of Aslarga becomes a hub for adventurers looking for fame and fortune in the Mystery Dungeons. But dire challenges await even the most stalwart adventurers in Etrian Mystery Dungeon, a turn-based action RPG roguelike developed by Atlus and Spike Chunsoft.

Pokemon Rumble World – Pokemon Rumble World is an action-packed adventure that’s free to download! Battle and collect more than 700 Toy Pokemon, including some that Mega Evolve. Travel on a hot-air balloon and battle in 18 different areas with more than 80 stages. The more Toy Pokemon you collect, the more ways you have to defeat Toy Pokemon you’re facing.

Runny Egg – Take control of an egg with legs and run as fast as you can through a course littered with dangers to reach the egg stand at the end! Duck and dodge your way through each stage, avoiding collisions that will damage and eventually break your shell and spoil the egg! Reach the goal as quickly as possible and without breaking the egg’s shell!

Wii U eShop

Affordable Space Adventures – Affordable Space Adventures lets you enjoy all the thrills and excitement of space exploration on a budget. Thanks to Uexplore’s guaranteed promises of comfort, fun and safety, you and your friends will be able to fly the newest Small Craft line of affordable spaceships into the fabulous alien planet of Spectaculon.

WarioWare: Touched! – In this Nintendo DS classic, Wario and his friends have prepared more than 180 microgames that will test your skills using the Wii U GamePad controller’s touch screen and built-in microphone. You can replay any microgame, top your best score or sort through souvenirs and characters in the Games area.

Yoshi Touch & Go – Help Baby Mario and Yoshi get past airborne and grounded enemies as they attempt to reach the delivery stork. Set new records as you trek through Yoshi’s Island, and you may even encounter Baby Luigi and other Yoshis who need your help. Master your actions by using the touch screen on the GamePad!

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