Killer Instinct Season 2 ends with release of Aria on 5/29 (Ultra) or 6/4 (Combo Breaker)

Throughout the majority of the Killer Instinct saga, the UltraTech Corporation has been portrayed as your typical evil conglomerate. But UltraTech’s leader, Aria, paints a different portrait of the company as she monologues at the start of this new trailer. She doesn’t want to destroy humanity, but rather, help it prepare for the mystical, technological, and otherworldly dangers that are encroaching on planet Earth.

However, I’m not sure I put much stock in the ravings of a cyborg who is able to transform her body into different configurations thanks to a pair of floating drones that can be swapped in and out at will.

Aria is the final downloadable character Iron Galaxy will release as part of Killer Instinct’s Season 2 and Ultra Edition owners will be able to download her this Friday, May 29. If you plan to purchase the character as a standalone download, or you own the Combo Breaker Pack, Aria can be yours on June 4.

It’s unknown if Iron Galaxy will continue Killer Instinct’s seasonal structure with a third series, but the 2015 E3 Expo is just a few weeks away and Microsoft’s Fall lineup could always use another knockout title.

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