2K’s “Advent” is actually a PC-exclusive XCOM 2 from Firaxis

2K Games has teamed up with IGN to reveal our first look at XCOM 2, a PC-exclusive sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown in development at Firaxis Games. Scheduled for release this November, XCOM 2 takes the story 20 years beyond the alien invasion of the first game. Oh yeah, and we lost…

Watch the debut trailer above for a glimpse into a future where the aliens are in control of the Earth, and XCOM has gone underground to fight to overthrow their Advent government. This new guerrilla force will face more powerful enemies in unpredictable combat scenarios as they fight to turn the tables on a technologically superior enemy.

XCOM 2 will include “new soldier classes, new aliens, stealth-infused tactics, procedurally generated maps, and more.” IGN has also promised that Creative Director Jake Solomon and Lead Producer Garth DeAngelis will sit down for an interview later this week to discuss why XCOM 2 is skipping consoles.

2K Games and IGN will get together again in two weeks to reveal the first XCOM 2 gameplay trailer during this year’s E3 Expo.

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