Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune teams up with Armature to bring ReCore to Xbox One

Keiji Inafune really loves robots. After leading the Mega Man franchise for more than 20 years, Inafune left Capcom to pursue his own games. That path eventually lead to Mighty No. 9, a side-scrolling spiritual successor to Mega Man that will be released this September.

During Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, the legendary developer announced ReCore, a shooter that takes place in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event. Players will “forge friendships with an eclectic cast of robots” as they “lead them on an epic adventure across a mysterious, ever-changing world.”

For this project, Inafune will partner with Armature, a studio that was formed by several former members of Retro Studios. Earning their stripes on Metroid Prime, these developers definitely have plenty of experience with futuristic shooters. And with Inafune, for that matter. Armature previously worked with Capcom in 2010 in an attempt to transform Mega Man X into a first person shooter. That game, Maverick Hunter, was canceled less than six months after development began.

Looking at both games side-by-side, the “energy core” mechanic from ReCore seems to have originated with Maverick Hunter. Who knows what other pieces of the canceled game were repurposed by Armature for ReCore? We’ll find out together when ReCore is released exclusively for the Xbox One in Spring 2016.

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