WB Games plans to release expansion sets for Lego Dimensions until “at least” 2018


Lego Dimensions is available on store shelves today, but WB Games has huge plans to keep the game fresh over the next few years. In fact, a developer at TT Games recently told Eurogamer that the publisher is working on an expansion schedule that will stretch out to 2018… at least:

“We have a three year plan at the moment and we’ve got no intention of stopping there,” associate producer Mark Warburton told Eurogamer during an interview conducted at EGX.

“We’ve created the technology to the degree that we’re happy it meets our needs for the future. We’ve created the toy pad so that it shouldn’t need to be updated. And we can just create new level and character packs to keep expanding that.”

In the more immediate term, WB Games will release dozens of Lego Dimensions expansion packs during the remainder of this year and into 2016. A number of them, collectively known as Wave 1, are available on store shelves right now. Wave 2 will be out in December, with the third, fourth, and fifth Waves following in, respectively, January, March, and May of 2016. That is a lot of Legos.

Great Scott! Heavy! Zoinks! Timey-Wimey! D’oh! Spared No Expense! And Such…

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