Insomniac announces two more VR titles and a release date for Edge of Nowhere


Insomniac Games is making a big move into virtual reality titles this year. During a special media event last week, the developer revealed two new VR games, both of which will be available exclusively for the Oculus Rift by the end of the year.

In Feral Rites (Release Date: Fall 2016), players will take control of a shapeshifting brawler, who has returned to the mystical island of his birth to avenge his father’s death:

Feral Rites is a VR adventure-brawler set on a mystical island. Avenge the death of your father by brawling your way through harrowing missions and quests. Immerse yourself exploring unique areas of the island from under the jungle canopy to ruined temples while mastering new abilities — including the power to transform into a feral beast. Witness the brutality of savage violence all around you.

Also in development is The Unspoken (Release Date: November 2016), a first-person spellcasting game where players compete in an “urban magic fight club”:

Learn the secret art of spellcasting. Veteran developer Insomniac Games presents The Unspoken—an Oculus Touch‐enabled VR action game that pulls players into a hidden world of spellcasting and magicians’ duels. Manipulate the environment around you with the powerful arcane forces that flow through your fingertips, summon unfathomable monstrosities with your bare hands, and rise up through the ranks of an urban magic fight club.

More details and screenshots for both games can be found at Insomniac’s website (Feral Rites and The Unspoken) and a pair of teaser trailers can be found after the break. Both games will also be playable at this year’s E3 Expo.

Insomniac also has a third VR title in development, the Lovecraftian Edge of Nowhere, and we now know it’ll be released on June 6.

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