Battlefield 1 takes the franchise back in time to World War I this October

While the Call of Duty franchise continues to push further and further into the future, EA and DICE are taking the Battlefield series back to the dawn of modern warfare. Battlefield 1 was announced in a blowout reveal yesterday and it’ll be released for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 21.

Battlefield 1 takes you across multiple and varied locations in a bid to fight your way through immersive battles. From tight urban fights in a besieged French city, to big open spaces in the Italian Alps and frantic combats in the deserts of Arabia, discover a world at war through an adventure-filled campaign.

Set against the backdrop of World War 1, witness the birth of modern warfare, as the Great War saw a furious arms race with new machines and weapons created to get the upper hand during the most technologically divergent war of all time. Feel the intensity and immersion as Battlefield 1 takes advantage of this modern arsenal to deliver the experience fans love, but with a fresh and modern twist.

Battlefield 1’s single-player campaign will follow the 369th Infantry Regiment, better known as the “Harlem Hellfighters,” the first entirely African-American regiment to fight overseas. A fictionalized version of the Hellfighters’s story was also recently recounted in a graphic novel by Max Brooks. The debut trailer embedded above hits on plenty of other well-known moments from the Great War including biplane dogfights, zeppelins, Lawrence of Arabia’s desert battles, and a certain German tank that should be very familiar to fans of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

On the multiplayer front, Battlefield 1 will offer 64-player battles within a “sandbox experience” of land, sea, and air options. Alongside traditional ground fighting, players will be able to pilot a fighter plane in “high-octane dogfights” or command a battleship and a deliver a ship-to-shore bombardment of bombs.

EA and DICE will offer a public beta for Battlefield 1 later this year and prospective players are encouraged to sign up for the Battlefield Insider to receive early access to the beta, along with in-game rewards and other exclusive content.

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