Kickstart This! In the Shadows

Welcome to the new and improved Kickstart This!, where our spotlight will only shine on one lucky game project per week (though others might sneak in as a quick shout out). This time, while I could have gone with Clique by Dead Art Games, or The Dolls by Australian outfit Hush Interactive, I was instead swayed by In the Shadows from Colorspace Studios. While the other two games show promise, Colorspace really sold the concept and premise of their game in the trailer video.

Let’s dance with shadows…

Project: In the Shadows
Genre: 2D Puzzle Platformer
Platforms: PC (Windows/Mac/Linux), PS4, Xbox One
Funding Target: $12,000 CAD ($9,581 USD)

What Is It?
In The Shadows is an 8-bit 2D puzzle platformer that revolves around using lights within the environment to overcome the monsters that fester in the darkness. Players must light fires, flip light switches, and move light boxes around the various levels, causing the creatures to scurry, or better yet, transform into objects to help you progress, such as a ladder, a trampoline, or a door.

Players will dive into the story of a man who is forced into a world of fantasy, where he must confront his childhood fears. Imagine Super Mario Bros. crossed with Stephen King’s It, and you are halfway there.

Why Fund It?
As well as being gorgeous in its retro styling, the final game will feature a whopping 45 levels of fantasy-themed platforming to enjoy, all buzzing with lights, color, secrets, and hidden areas. Colorspace has placed a special focus on developing the story, so that the player is not just collecting stars and running to the end, but living through an emotional tale of rekindling your childhood memories, something which almost every gamer can appreciate. The game is accompanied by a beautiful score from Lombus (AKA Liam Davis), who uses eerie, yet hopeful, electro synth sounds to enhance the story.

Best Rewards?

  • Digital copy of the game – $13 CAD (early bird limited to 200 – $10 CAD)
  • Digital copy of the game, plus your name in the credits – $18 CAD
  • Previous rewards, plus a digital copy of the soundtrack – $25 CAD
  • Previous rewards, plus access to beta testing – $35 CAD (limited to 100)
  • Previous rewards, plus have a personalised frame created and included in the game – $125 CAD (limited to 10)

Until Next Time…
Hopefully In the Shadows will reach its goal, and even if you cannot contribute funds, remember you can always help by sharing this article and the project through social media. One tweet could be worth $1,000.

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