Nintendo Download: Rhythm Heaven Megamix, Terraria, Super Paper Mario, more

Even though it was E3 week, Nintendo has loaded this week’s Nintendo eShop update with a great new (and classic) games.

Leading things off is Rhythm Heaven Megamix, which received a surprise launch for the 3DS earlier this week. Rhythm Heaven Megamix collects more than 70 challenges from the series and asks players to match the absolutely bizarre beat of goats eating turnips, viruses speeding around a body, a hungry bear, and more.

Also this week, a Super NES classic is now available to download for Nintendo’s handheld. Mega Man 7 isn’t as well-known as the NES sextet that preceded it, but fans have started to come around on the original Blue Bomber’s only 16-bit adventure.

Over on the Wii U, players are able to download Terraria today, which is two weeks earlier than expected. The side-scrolling exploration game has added a touchscreen interface for its Wii U debut, along with online and splitscreen multiplayer. Finally, Nintendo added the Wii-era adventure Super Paper Mario to the Wii U eShop.

More information on all of these games (and a few other new releases) can be found after the break.

Wii U eShop

Terraria – Dig! Fight! Explore! Build! Touch! Carve out your own adventure in the infinite possibilities offered by Terraria. Explore vast fantasy worlds by soaring to floating islands in the sky or excavating to the depths of the earth. Wage war on hundreds of different enemies and giant bosses with weapons and armor you’ve crafted yourself. Build amazing structures and dwellings with ease, laying brick and stone with an intuitive touch interface. Share the adventure with your friends, with online and splitscreen multiplayer.

Super Paper Mario – Mario flips out on an adventure through eight exciting and vibrant worlds. Switch from 2D to 3D to avoid enemies, find secret passages and grab hidden items, or shake the Wii Remote controller for stylish moves. Uncover hilarious plot twists as you power-up with new friends and even play as Princess Peach and Bowser!

Drill Dozer – In this Game Boy Advance action classic, gear up Jill and her powerful Drill Dozer to retrieve the stolen Red Diamond from the fiendish clutches of the Skullker gang. Jump across pits, latch onto lifts to reach secret treasures and upgrade your robot while demolishing anything that gets in the way.

Twin Robots – Twin Robots is a 2.5D platformer where you can switch control between two little robots; They have been imprisoned and need to find the way out of each level!

Run Run and Die – Run Run and Die is an atypical, mad-capped runner game in which you must escape from a hell-like complex through 24 levels filled with spikes, bombs, robots and impossible jumps. You are a penguin that has woken up in a dark laboratory. How did you get there? Who is behind all of this? You only remember one thing… Red is death… but don’t worry, dying is fun.

3DS eShop

Rhythm Heaven Megamix – Rhythmic gaming bliss, goats eating turnips, and the funkiest tunes you’ve ever bashed a button to? This must be the Rhythm Heaven Megamix game. With 70+ rhythm games, including new ones, remixed fan-favorites, and US debuts, this fresh mix has it all. Try to reach Heaven World as you stick speeding viruses, feed a bear, and more! Just don’t miss a beat.

Mega Man 7 – Dr. Wily has escaped prison, and only Mega Man and his friends can stop him. But wait! Is someone else also on the hunt for the evil scientist’s capture? Jump, power up and blast your way through robotic enemies to put a stop to Dr. Wily once and for all.

Gunslugs – Gunslugs is a fast paced run and jump game with procedurally generated levels and a rogue-like permadeath element. You get one life, and the only way you can extend that is by running into the Voodoo priest selling continue statues.

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