Daily Scoop: July 27, 2016 – Gotta catch more of these t-shirts!

We are almost done with Stranger Things, and I’m devastated over it. But the good news is, we also started Hyper Light Drifter on the PS4, and really enjoyed the co-op mode! I wasn’t expecting it to be so smooth.

As always, there are lots of sales happening at the Humble Store right now. Rampage Knights is $5.39, Total War: Warhammer: Call of the Beastmen is $17.09, and Life Is Strange is $14.99, among others.

The Daily Deal at Steam is Space Run Galaxy, which is on sale for $13.39. They have lots of other specials as well – Life Is Strange – Episode 1 is free, Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition is $22.49 in the THQ Classics package, and early access to From the Depths is $3.99.

There are so many shirts today – 11 total – and only one isn’t Pokemon-related! Hit the jump to see them all!

Let’s start with “White Wolf Potion” at The Yetee, which is the only non-Pokemon shirt of the day:


And now – Pokemon! “Ghost Gym” is over at Design by Humans:


Then another oldie but goodie, “Poked to Death,” which is at Tee Fury today:


There are two at Shirt Punch. “Go Catch Them All” is first:


And “Go Trainer Go!” is second:


Shirt Battle has three shirts. “Team Mystic” is first:


“Win or Die” is second:


And “Good Choice” is third:


Finally, the last three are all at Ript. “Poke Jaws” is first:


“Le Litten” is second:


And “Retro Go” is third:


There are so many good ones to choose from!

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