Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice will be released on September 8

Capcom has confirmed that Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice will be available to download through the 3DS eShop on September 8. The publisher also unveiled a new trailer for the game that’ll introduce fans to the game’s many characters (including the return of an old friend) and their abilities.

This new game’s cast is full of many zany favorites alongside a new ensemble of characters to meet, and today Capcom is announcing several of them, including the return of forensics scientist Ema Skye, who first appeared in the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Ema has passed her certification exams and is now a full-fledged forensic investigator. Here she returns to assist Apollo in his defense of the series’ popular magician, Trucy Wright, Phoenix’s adopted daughter. Trucy is famed for her magic tricks and vanishing acts, until she suddenly finds herself mixed up in an unfortunate incident that takes place during one of her magic shows.

With Phoenix away, it’s up to Apollo and Athena to uncover the truth about the tragic death of Mr. Reus, one of Trucy’s co-performers. During this case, players will also meet the brand new character Bonny de Famme, a fledgling magician who appears in Trucy’s show and wants to help Apollo in any way she can, but what will her witness testimony reveal?

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice will carry a $29.99 price tag when its released, but 3DS owners will also be able to try out a free demo of the game beginning on August 25. The demo will include a court case from the game’s first chapter, which focuses on Spirit of Justice’s brand new Divination Seances feature.

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