Rumor: Nintendo Switch will feature a multi-touch touchscreen


Earlier this week, Nintendo announced plans to host a big “Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017” on January 12. So that means we’ve still got a few months to wildly speculate on what additional bells and whistles the consolemaker is hiding.

The biggest mystery of all might be the Switch’s screen… Is it a touchscreen? Will it work as a standalone tablet? Just how big is it? Thankfully, a new report from Eurogamer might have shed some light on several of these questions.

Citing many of the same anonymous sources that confirmed the Switch was a console/handheld hybrid long before Nintendo did, the Eurogamer report said that the Switch will display images in 720p resolution and measure 6.2″ in size (slightly larger than the iPhone 7 Plus). Best of all, the screen will feature a capacitive multi-touch touchscreen, opening up the possibility that the Switch could also work as a standalone tablet.

Nintendo declined Eurogamer’s request to comment on this report, so feel free to make your own wild leaps of logic in the comments below.

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