Nintendo Switch Presentation: Everything you wanted to know about the JoyCon Controllers

During Nintendo’s Switch Presentation, the consolemaker revealed a few new details about the JoyCon Controllers:

JoyCon Controller Features

  • Taken together, the JoyCon Controllers use a traditional button layout
  • Separately, the Analog Sticks can be pressed
  • Includes an NFC reader for Amiibo figures
  • JoyCon Controllers can be flipped sideways, NES-style, and they’ll include L and R Buttons.
  • A Capture Button will be available for capturing screenshots, and in the future, video. You’ll be able to share the screens you capture with your friends via social media.
  • A Wii Remote-like acceleromator and motion sensors will also be included
  • Multiple color variations will be available, including Neon Blue and Neon Red at launch
  • JoyCon strap accessory (acts like the Wii Remote strap)
  • The Right JoyCon has a motion IR Camera and can recognize hand features and distance
  • JoyCon Controllers have a more advanced version of rumble, called HD Rumble

And in case you missed it, the Nintendo Switch will launch on March 3.

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