Warpback: What We Played in December 2016

We here at Warp Zoned were all about gaming this month! We played everything from old games in our backlogs to new games, spanning every console possible, including our phones. Hit the jump to check out our full list of games we played… it’s exhausting!

John Scalzo
I spent a small amount of time with Batman: The Telltale Series this month, but I’m still an episode or two away from the end, so no spoilers!

For most of December, I couldn’t put down Super Mario Run. I know the mobile game has produced some strong reactions from the public because of its “always online” requirement and price, but I’m having a blast with it. Super Mario Run is exactly what I wanted from Nintendo’s entry into the mobile market. This glowing review should tell you just how much I love it.

Nicole Kline
Senior Editor
I played a ton of games in December! I have been overdosing on Pokemon as always with Pokemon Go, Pokemon Moon, and Pokemon Picross. I played through all of The Last Guardian, then went straight in The Last of Us: Left Behind, and from there, started Dishonored Definitive Edition, which I’m still playing right now.

Anthony Amato and I have also been playing a ton of cooperative games during our time off, wrapping up Alienation, revisiting Broforce and Chariot, and finally starting up Magicka 2. It was an amazing month for gaming!

Andrew Rainnie
UK Correspondent
My December tradition is to revisit some games to try and clear out some shelf space for the new year. I managed to finally complete Xenoblade Chronicles X after upgrading my Skell to the maximum. The ending itself is fairly satisfying, but then, after the credits, Monolith devastated my 160 hours of playing (yup) by revealing a cliffhanger ending that makes no sense! We already know that the next Xenoblade game is unlikely to be a sequel, so why would you be so cruel?

While on my Wii U, I totally forgot I had downloaded Ubisoft’s Child of Light, which is a lovely little 2D turn-based RPG with a beautiful hand-drawn art style that I immediately fell in love with. I also re-entered the Animus and journeyed back to Victorian London with Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. I originally picked it up in anticipation of the movie, but my interest has since waned after reading the horrific reviews.

And finally, I’m still battling through Fallout 4, but 30 hours in, I’m a little bit bored, and probably need to set it aside and give it a little breather.

Mike Ryan
Staff Writer
December was yet another Destiny-fueled month for me. I played some more of the Rise of Iron expansion, and am currently trying to reap the rewards in The Dawning before time runs out. Other than that, I played some more Pokemon Go with my son, and we finally bagged a Charmander. That’s it for me… have a great 2017, everyone!

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In addition to being Warp Zoned’s UK Correspondent, Andrew Rainnie is a screenwriter and filmmaker. You can email him at andrew AT warpzoned DOT com or you can, if you’re inclined, visit his personal website.

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