Graveyard Keeper brings medieval cemetery management to PC, Xbox One in 2017

Have you ever wanted to play a game about graveyards and capitalism with a medieval twist? Yeah, neither did I, but then I learned about Graveyard Keeper a strange new game in production at Lazy Bear.

Graveyard Keeper is a unique take on the simulation genre, challenging players to take control of a medieval graveyard and transform it into a booming business. In doing so, players will be faced with making tough, ethically compromising decisions, all in the name of capitalism.

You, the caretaker, will have the option to explore beyond the graveyard, venturing into mysterious dungeons and the surrounding area, in search of resources that will help to make your business better. You will also be faced with choices, both dark and comedic, such as whether to team up with the local vampire and provide him with the blood of those buried in your graveyard. Players can even go the extra mile by crafting poisons with the resources they’ve found, in order to murder villagers and fill up those empty plots.

To expand your graveyard business, players can even host a Witch Burning Festival and feed the villagers the recycled meat of their dead loved ones, in order to cut operation costs. Or you can take the opposite path and scare the locals into attending church.

Graveyard Keeper will be available on the Xbox One and PC sometime in 2017. It’ll also be playable within the TinyBuild booth at the 2017 PAX East convention, which begins on March 10.

In the meantime, check out the first trailer above, as well as a handful of screenshots and a GIF of some rather unsanitary body dumping, after the break.

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