Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 rated by Korean rating board

Mega Man Legacy Collection included the first six games from the “Mega Man Classic” franchise when it launched in 2015. While Capcom left out the four most recent entries, using the Blue Bomber’s NES appearance as the demarcation line was probably for the best. But naturally, the publisher is planning to give the rest of the franchise the Legacy Collection treatment in the not-too-distant future.

According to the South Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC), Capcom is currently hard at work on Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. According to the description included with the rating, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will include Mega Man 7 (which was originally released for the Super NES), Mega Man 8 (which was originally released for the PlayStation and Saturn), and the Inti Creates-developed, NES-styled Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10.

There’s currently no word on if any of Mega Man’s many spinoffs will be part of Legacy Collection 2, such as Mega Man & Bass, which was released only in Japan for the Super NES, before making its way stateside on the Game Boy Advance many years later.

Capcom has yet to officially announce Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, so it’s possible the GRAC is mistaken. But I have a hunch the compilation actually is in development and it’ll likely be announced soon.

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