Three Fields announces their Burnout spiritual successor… Danger Zone

The developers at Three Fields Entertainment are all veterans of Criterion Games, and they helped turn Burnout‘s brand of “crash racing” into a blockbuster more than a decade ago. Since breaking out on their own, they’ve delivered a similarly calamitous take on mini golf, and teased a spiritual successor to Burnout.

With the open roads of Summer ahead of us, Three Fields is finally ready to return to destructive driving with Danger Zone. Finding inspiration in Burnout’s “Crash Mode,” Danger Zone is all about creating the biggest traffic jam imaginable:

Powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 and set in a virtual Crash Testing Facility, Danger Zone combines realistic physics with explosive gameplay and features 20 exciting single player crash testing scenarios, each with their own unique road layout, traffic and pickups.

In Danger Zone, players are challenged to drive into the junction and create the biggest First Impact that causes enough vehicles to crash to earn a “SmashBreaker,” turning their car into a bomb that can explode on command. Players score for how many cars they crash, with bonus points awarded for exploding cars by hitting them while in “SmashBreaker” or for pushing them off the road entirely. If the player’s car falls off the road, it’s game over. Connected leaderboards allows comparison of player scores for the friends you play against and the rest of the community.

Danger Zone will be available to download for the PC and PS4 this May. You can find the first five explosive screenshots of the game after the break.

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