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Concept art from Agent unveiled by an artist formerly employed by Rockstar


Even though it was announced more than six years ago, Rockstar’s Agent, their PS3-exclusive Cold War shooter, has never officially been canceled. But aside from the game’s logo, the gaming public hasn’t heard anything else about it in all that time. Until today, that is.

Darren Charles Hatton, an artist formerly employed by Rockstar North, has updated his official website with some concept art he created for Agent back in 2009. According to Hatton, his team was pulled off the project less than a year later and eventually put to work on Grand Theft Auto V. The artist left Rockstar in 2010, but he said, “[I’m not] sure if this project will ever be published.”

The leaked concept art has been posted after the break, and you can find even more environment tests at Hatton’s Agent portfolio. Take-Two Interactive renewed the trademark for Agent back in 2014, but hasn’t spoken publicly about the game in years. (more…)

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Take-Two renews their trademark for Agent… again


Agent. That’s all I have to say…

OK, a little more. Agent has been in development in some form or another since 2007. It was first announced in 2009 as a PS3 exclusive and its been in limbo practically ever since. Sony doesn’t want to talk about it. Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two’s CEO, refuses to comment on its progress. But somehow, it still lives. This week, Take-Two Interactive renewed both of their trademarks related to Agent (the title and the logo).

If this story sounds familiar, it should. Take-Two filed a renewal application for Agent’s trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office in July 2013. What’s different this time? Who knows?

What we do know that Rockstar Games is hard at work on a game for next-generation consoles and they plan to release it before April 1, 2015. Could it be Agent? It’s certainly a possibility (and we said as much in the latest episode of Continue Countdown), though an enhanced edition of Grand Theft Auto V is more likely.

The 2014 E3 Expo is slightly more than two weeks away, perhaps we’ll find out there.

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Rockstar’s Agent is alive and well… in trademark form


It was about this time last year when Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick told investors that he had nothing to announce concerning Agent, Rockstar’s funky take on the espionage genre. First announced at E3 2009, the game has remained hidden from the public eye ever since, very similar to the spies at the center of its story.

But Take-Two isn’t done with Agent yet. According to a filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the publisher renewed their trademark claim on the title last week. So Agent still exists in some form. Take that, Cracked!

Of course, when (or if) it will ever be released is anyone’s guess.

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Rockstar’s Agent still in development; Take-Two CEO has nothing to announce

Agent, Rockstar’s PS3-exclusive secret agent period piece, was left off Take-Two Interactive’s latest update to their upcomnig games list. The game was first announced during E3 2009, but Take-Two and Rockstar have been reluctant to speak about it since then. But that didn’t stop Arvind Bhatia, a financial analyst from Sterne Agee & Leach, from asking Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick about the game during the company’s most recent quarterly conference call.

Arvind Bhatia: Last question, is Agent still going to be in the pipeline for, I guess, in the next 12 to 18 months? Or should we not consider that as a factor? Kind of where are you on that title?

Strauss Zelnick: Yes, we haven’t announced anything about the title yet.

While it sounds like Agent is still in development, Zelnick’s quick dismissal of the question means it may be a long time before we actually get to play it.

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Red Dead Redemption sells 11 million; still no release dates for Agent, Max Payne 3

Take-Two Interactive released their quarterly financial numbers yesterday along with a little (well deserved) bragging.

Calling L.A. Noire “a breakthrough for games as a whole” and a “stunning accomplishment” that “sets a new standard for storytelling,” the publisher revealed that the detective sim has sold four million copies since going on sale in May. However, this number is absolutely dwarfed by Red Dead Redemption, which has sold nine million copies since its release in May 2010 along with another two million copies of the Undead Nightmare expansion disc.

But there’s always some bad news in these financial reports and in this case it’s the continued absence of Max Payne 3 and Agent from the company’s future outlook. Within the report, Take-Two provided solid release dates or tentative dates for every one of their announced games through the end of 2012… except for Max Payne 3 and Agent.

So don’t expect to play either game for a very long time.

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Max Payne 3, Agent, Spec Ops: The Line delayed

After 14 years in development, Duke Nukem Forever will finally be released next month after countless delays. But three other games in Take-Two’s development slate weren’t so lucky as they’ve been hit by Duke’s delay stick.

Spec Ops: The Line, which debuted in an amazing trailer at last year’s Spike TV Video Game Awards, will now be released sometime in the Spring/Summer of 2012. It had previously been scheduled for release this Fall.

A pair of Rockstar titles were also delayed as Max Payne 3 and Agent have been pushed back to release date unknown.

But don’t worry, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has assured us, “Max Payne 3 and Agent are still in development.” Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait another 14 years.

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