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Resident Evil 4, Code: Veronica X HD coming in September

Comic-Con may be over, but one of the last big announcements to come out was the release schedule for the upcoming Resident Evil HD updates. Resident Evil 4 HD will be coming September 20 and Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD will arrive September 27 on Games on Demand for Xbox 360 and the PlayStation Store.

Unfortunately, one thing Capcom did NOT announce at Comic Con was an American localization of the 15th Anniversary Box, which includes both HD remakes as well as some PlayStation discs of the older games. If you’re a Resident Evil fan and you know Japanese, you seriously might want to consider ordering one of those.

[Source: GameSpot]

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Ed Boon talks Freddy in Mortal Kombat, Jason/Michael/Freddy fighting game

Have you gotten used to the fact that Freddy Krueger will be invading your Mortal Kombat nightmares in August? If not, perhaps Ed Boon can convince you. The Mortal Kombat creator sat down with Sid Shuman of the PlayStation.Blog to discuss his reasons behind bringing Freddy into the fight and who else was considered for the fourth DLC spot.

According to Boon, having a downloadable guest character was always in the cards and Freddy was just one of several names thrown around. Jason (who is owned by NetherRealm parent Warner Bros.) and Michael Myers (who isn’t) were also both considered:

PlayStation.Blog: So what is the inspiration for bringing Freddy Krueger to Mortal Kombat as a DLC character?

Boon: When we had the discussions about the DLC characters, we knew that we wanted to add a returning character, a new character, but also a guest character. That was one of the goals right from the beginning. A number of names were run by us: Jason, Michael Myers and all those guys. Freddy Kreuger, we felt, was the most instantly recognizable and he fits in with Mortal Kombat with his claws. It just seemed like the best fit.

While Boon and company are only adding Freddy to Mortal Kombat (for now), the original team at Midway actually considered creating a slasher-filled Mortal Kombat with all the biggest names in 80s horror:

PlayStation.Blog: Ten, 15 years ago when Mortal Kombat was early in its lifespan, did you ever fantasize about getting Freddy Krueger into MK?

Boon: Yeah, yeah. Over the years, we’ve certainly had a number of conversations about guest characters. At one point, we had a conversation about having a group — imagine Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre — of all these killers from the 80s and 90s flicks come in as a group of characters.

Wow. Ed Boon, I promise you, if you make a slasher fighting game I’ll buy ten copies.

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Street Fighter + Hello Kitty = new merchandise for Fall 2012

Yeah, you read that right. There’s going to be Street Fighter/Hello Kitty merchandise starting Fall 2012, thanks to a new partnership between Capcom and Sanrio. This is an excellent choice of a mashup – bringing together the cute and cuddly with the muscley and violent.

Capcom’s Director of Licensing, Joshua Izzo, said, ““Capcom has long admired Sanrio and their ability to create memorable and cherished lifestyle brands so it is a distinct pleasure to partner with them for this new cross-over line of merchandise. The combination of Street Fighter and Hello Kitty will offer fans a whole new way to experience our characters.”

Sanrio seems equally excited. The Vice President of Brand Management and Marketing, Jill Koch, said, “We are always looking for new ways to surprise our fans and partnering with a strong brand-focused company such as Capcom is a natural fit for us. Hello Kitty and Street Fighter have a dedicated core following around the world and our collaboration brings the legacy of both brands together in a fun and unexpected way.”

This is almost as cool as the Vocaloid/Hello Kitty mashup… almost. Hit the jump to see how ridiculously cute that is. (more…)

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Explore the Halo Anniversary campaign in the Comic-Con trailer

It seems that Halo: Combat Evolved went on vacation to silicon valley to have some plastic surgery. A little nip here… a little tuck there… and erase some of those stretch marks to make Halo look better than ever.

The game may look different, but underneath that brand new dress of lens flare, particle physics, and HD textures beats the heart of a classic. The gameplay remains unchanged and it looks stellar. A fun feature even lets you toggle between the new game engine and the old so you can get your nostalgic kicks as you tear through the Covenant with nothing but a pistol.

To see just how close to the original the team at 343 Industries is getting, take a gander at the new “Campaign” trailer released at Comic-Con. Now you can go back to where it all began… and teabag people in HD.

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Stana Katic is the voice of Talia al Ghul in Batman: Arkham City

Stana Katic (from Castle) has officially been added to the all-star voice cast of Batman: Arkham City. It will be her voice mixing words with Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy when the game is released on October 18.

“Talia is such a complex character and it was great to voice her in Batman: Arkham City,” said Katic. “I was amazed at all the detail put into the project and it’s great to see how excited the fans are about the game.”

And we definitely are excited. Arkham City will be five times larger than Batman: Arkham Asylum, and feature tons of new characters from the Batman Universe… including more than a few villains.

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Hungry for more brains? Here’s a new House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut trailer

Not only does House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut have a hoard of subtitles, it also has more zombies than you can pistol whip. This HD remake, out October 25, features even more of your favorite zombie-dismembering operatives, Agent G and smart-mouthed Detective Washington. They’re back in two additional levels, so Washington definitely has some unfinished swearing to do.

Sega has plenty of other new features planned including an exclusive crossbow weapon, a new “baby mutant” enemy type, a Hardcore Mode (mutants can only be killed with headshots) and improved boss fights in all levels.

Who smells zombie brains? I do!

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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Comic-Con trailer released

It is officially time to get excited. There is a new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword trailer! I don’t know about you, but I just got chills. The new trailer treats your eye holes to images of floating islands, feathered transportation, and a new cast of characters.

The past few Nintendo systems I have bought were solely to play Zelda games. Damn, now I have to get a Wii Remote Plus.

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Gotham City Impostors invade Comic-Con in new trailer

Gotham City Impostors has taken many people by surprise. Evidently, Monolith and WB Games have taken Team Fortress 2 and tarted it up with a Batsuit, utility belt, and a dash of Loony Toons. I think until more is known about this upcoming downloadable first person shooter, we are just going to have to be left scratching our heads. But at the very least, we can headbang to the new trailer.

Gotham City Impostors will be available in Winter 2012 for $14.99 (or 1200 Microsoft Points).

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