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New Releases: Dirt 3, Dead or Alive Dimensions, Kung Fu Panda 2, More

An eclectic quartet of games highlights this week’s new release slate.

First up, there’s Codemasters’ rally racing simulation Dirt 3 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Then, Tecmo Koei takes 2D fighting into the third dimension with the “in your face” Dead or Alive: Dimensions on the 3DS.

More fighting fun can be had with THQ’s Kung Fu Panda 2 game adaptation. The publisher has done something interesting with the game and targeted each version towards a different peripheral. The Wii version requires the uDraw Tablet while the Xbox 360 edition requires the Kinect add-on. DS and PS3 versions are also available, though they use more traditional control schemes.

Finally this week, the Duke is back in Duke Nukem: Critical Mass on the DS. And that means we’re only three weeks from his glorious return on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Check out the full list of the rest of this week’s new releases after the break. (more…)

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Samus NOT playable in Dead or Alive: Dimensions… um, I think…

Metroid fans, namely our Editor-In-Chief John Scalzo, got pretty excited when Samus Aran and Ridley popped up as background characters making a cameo in a Dead or Alive: Dimensions trailer. Many hoped this meant Samus would be appearing in the 3DS fighting title as a playable character. According to Eurogamer, that’s not happening.

In an abhorrently translated quote, the media outlet claims the head of Team Ninja, Yosuke Hayashi, as wanting Dimensions to be the ‘best’ version of DoA to date, and as such, “the concept of Dead or Alive as the best version of the game means Samus Aran or Metroid is something different. That’s why we are not focusing on that in terms of the concept. So talking about Samus Aran, is she playable or not? This time she’s not playable.” I hate to break it to you, Hayashia, but it sounds like playable Samus Aran would go a LONG way to making Dead or Alive: Dimensions the ‘best’ version of the game.

He does go on to confirm that the cameo from the trailer will remain. “But Samus Aran will be shown in the game. She comes to help the player. That’s the collaboration shown there [in the trailer]. But how you can unlock Samus Aran? Please find out by yourself.” So apparently Samus will be in the game as an assist character but you have to unlock her. Really? Unlock a character in the background? In any case stay tuned to Warp Zoned for more 3DS and Dead or Alive: Dimensions news.

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Team Ninja planning Metroid cameos for Dead or Alive Dimensions

Does the suckitude of Metroid: Other M still sting? Well it looks like Team Ninja will be getting another crack at the game’s universe in this year’s Dead or Alive Dimensions on the 3DS.

In addition to the Metroid-themed stage you see in the video above, Samus Aran and Ridley will show up as background characters that can attack the DoA fighters. Does this also mean Samus might show up as a playable character? Nothing’s been confirmed, but we can certainly dream…

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New Dead or Alive Dimensions trailer busts out of the screen

One of the big hits of Nintendo’s “Nintendo World” show has been Dead or Alive Dimensions. The fighting franchise will make its handheld debut this year on the 3DS (not counting the PSP spinoff Dead or Alive Paradise) and fans are lining up to get a look at all the 3D action.

The game’s five-minute Nintendo World trailer was released online by Tecmo Koei and you can watch it yourself right here, as long as you’re OK with ninjas jumping out at you!

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