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David Jaffe’s Drawn To Death will be free-to-play… but not in the traditional sense


Did you catch the unveiling of David Jaffe’s arena shooter Drawn To Death during December’s PlayStation Experience event? The game’s world is created entirely using a graphical style that can best be described as “the notebook doodles of a 12-year-old boy.” Pairing an experimental art style with an experimental price, Jaffe has confirmed (via Reddit) that Drawn To Death will be available as a free-to-play game… though not in the traditional sense:

Hey- yes, our game is Free To Play. But note that it’s done by a team that dislikes traditional free to play games very, very much. We don’t like pay to win and we don’t like taking play mechanics away from Players simply to have them earn them or pay for them. That said, we LOVE the discoverability (as PowerofX says) of free to play and the very wide net it creates, allowing us to get many more folks giving our game a shot. We also love the idea of running a service based title, constantly staying engaged with the fans of the game and adjusting aspects of the game on the fly to allow the game to hit the game’s sweet spot.

It’s currently unknown how Drawn To Death’s developer, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, will make any money off of the game without using traditional free-to-play methods. Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

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David Jaffe will bring the visually unique arena FPS Drawn to Death to PS4

David Jaffe’s latest studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, unveiled their first game, Drawn to Death, during the PlayStation Experience today. Bartlet Jones teamed up with Sony San Diego for the game, and Jaffe said “it feels great to be back with my Sony family!!!” in his PlayStation Blog post.

Drawn to Death is an arena shooter that takes place completely inside the notebook of a “very creative” teenage kid. The lined drawings represent the “violent and bizarre landscape filled with all of the weird, amazing, passionate, and exciting fantasies that are swimming around in the head of our teenage artist.” And all of this chaotic intensity is definitely clear in the video above.

Jaffe said they want the game to play like “an old-school arena shooter” mixed with a “brawler/fighting game.” The plan is to launch with a four-player free-for-all deathmatch, mode giving players the chance to “master advanced environment movement, learn and exploit enemy tells, and form clever strategies that pay off in big victories.”

If you like what you see, you can sign up for the game’s early access period at the game’s official website. If you do it during PlayStation Experience, “you’ll get a super rare, super limited in game mystery item,” which is only available this weekend.

Drawn to Death will be coming to the PlayStation 4 sometime in the future, but not soon enough.

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