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Square Enix released a trailer for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus at PAX East 2017

Square Enix unveiled the first trailer for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus this morning as part of their “Nier: Automata X Final Fantasy XV” panel.

Episode Gladiolus will be the first character-driven expansion for Final Fantasy XV, and its set to launch later this month, March 28, for the PS4 and Xbox One. Players will get to undertake the “Trial of Gilgamesh” as they take control of Gladio in his quest for more power:

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus is the first character-driven episode of DLC for Final Fantasy XV, the latest installment in the landmark Final Fantasy franchise. Players will experience brand-new gameplay, content, environments, enemies and more as they follow Noctis’s comrade, Gladiolus, on a journey away from his brothers in arms. Gilgamesh, one of the franchise’s fan-favorite characters, will also be making an appearance in the episode.

If you weren’t able to attend the “Nier: Automata X Final Fantasy XV” panel with Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari and Global Brand Manager Raio Mitsuno, you can catch a replay of it in the Twitch Videos for the PAX2 channel.

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CoD: Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1, The Division are the best-selling games of 2016

The video game industry should definitely be celebrating right now, as The NPD Group has announced that consumers spent $30.4 billion on hardware, software, peripherals, and in-game purchases in 2016. This is a slight increase over 2015 revenues, which totaled a measly $30.2 billion.

Speaking to, NPD Analyst Mat Piscatella attributed some of this growth to the emergence of virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR. He also cited the “cultural phenomenon” that was Pokemon Go and the subsequent release of Pokemon Sun and Moon on the 3DS.

“Growth in entertainment software consumer spend was seen across the mobile, PC, virtual reality, subscription, portable, and digital console segments,” Piscatella said. “Consumers have more options to purchase and enjoy entertainment software than ever before, while developers have more and easier ways of delivering that content. No matter the delivery platform, entertainment software has never been more engaging, diverse or accessible.”

However, none of those games managed to crack the top ten for 2016, which was once again dominated by Activision’s Call of Duty franchise. Even though it launched to less-than-stellar reviews and a negative fan reaction, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was still the best-selling game in 2016. Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops III was also represented in the top ten, at #8.

Tom Clancy’s The Division (#3) and Overwatch (#7) proved that new franchises can still make some noise in the NPD’s annual ranking, but perennial best-sellers like NBA 2K17 (#4), Madden NFL 17 (#5), and FIFA 17 (#9) also sold well in 2016, as did strong sequels such as Battlefield 1 (#2) and Final Fantasy XV (#10).

You can find the NPD’s list of best-selling games throughout all of 2016 after the break. (more…)

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare repeats as the best-selling game of December 2016

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launched on November 4, and it easily took the crown as the best-selling game for the whole month. Today, The NPD Group revealed the best-selling games for December, and Infinite Warfare managed to repeat as the top title.

While Activision’s shooter series continued to be a favorite among gift givers at the end of the year, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV had an almost equally impressive retail peformance.

“Although a Call of Duty has now topped the December sales chart for the ninth consecutive year, Final Fantasy XV was the best-selling game for the PS4 during the month,” NPD Analyst Sam Naji told “Final Fantasy XV was the second best-selling title for December 2016… Final Fantasy XV experienced the best console launch month in the history of the franchise selling 19% more new physical units than Final Fantasy XIII in its launch month and 54% more in total dollar revenue including digital full game sales.”

The remainder of the top ten should look familiar as it contains several of 2016’s biggest games including Battlefield 1 (#3), Madden NFL 17 (#4), NBA 2K17 (#5), Watch Dogs 2 (#6), FIFA 17 (#8), and Pokemon Sun and Moon (#8 and #10, respectively). 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V also cracked the best-sellers list for December at #7.

You can find the complete top ten in list form after the break. (more…)

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Square Enix has shipped six million copies of Final Fantasy XV so far

After shipping more than five million copies at launch, Square Enix continues to make Final Fantasy XV available to consumers in a big way.

In a press release this morning, Square Enix announced that shipments and digital sales of Final Fantasy XV have now reached more than six million copies total. The publisher didn’t release any additional information about this latest milestone, so we can’t make any comparisons for physical versus digital or PS4 versus Xbox One.

But Square Enix wants fans to stay excited about Final Fantasy XV in 2017, and they plan to make a large amount of post-launch content (both free and paid) available to players. They recently kicked off the game’s second life with the launch of the Holiday Pack and Holiday Pack Plus expansions, which also includes access to the “Moogle Chocobo Carnival,” an in-game event that starts on Tuesday, January 24.

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Warp Zoned’s 2016 Golden Pixel Awards: A Look Back at the Year in Video Games


In a very real way, the game industry wiped the slate clean in 2016.

After nearly a decade of development difficulties, Square Enix unleashed Final Fantasy XV on the world. Fumito Ueda and Sony Japan Studio overcame similar troubles to finally release The Last Guardian. Id Software shook off the past and was reborn after the launch of the fourth game in the Doom franchise. Blizzard closed the book on their failed “Titan Project” with the release of Overwatch. Naughty Dog said goodbye to Nathan Drake, but gamers said hello to altered realities that were both “augmented” and “virtual.” Nintendo found new kingdoms to conquer with Super Mario Run. And the launch of No Man’s Sky taught us that while the hype machine sometimes fails to deliver, the chance for a brighter tomorrow is always there.

But before we venture off into that great unknown, let’s look back at some of gaming’s highlights from 2016. (more…)

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Xbox Store Today: Final Fantasy XV, The Crew Ultimate Edition


Very few of the games developed by Square Enix in Japan make it to the Xbox One. But the publisher is making an exception for their epic new RPG, Final Fantasy XV. Over a decade in the making, Xbox One owners are able to download it through the Xbox Games Store now. After that, they can delve into its world of technology and magic and attempt to retake the Kingdom of Lucis alongside Noctis and his friends.

Xbox One owners will also be able to download The Crew: Ultimate Edition this week. This special edition of Ubisoft’s coast-to-coast racing game includes the original release of The Crew, the Wild Run expansion, the Calling All Cars expansion, and all of the Season Pass content.

More information on both of these games can be found right here:

Xbox One Games

Final Fantasy XV ($59.99)
Noctis, crown prince of the magical Kingdom of Lucis, embarks on a quest to reclaim his homeland in this action RPG. Take up the steering wheel and hit the road with your colorful companions to explore a vast and breathtaking world. Invoke the power of your ancestors and effortlessly warp through the air in thrilling combat. Longtime fans and fresh faces alike, get ready to experience cutting-edge interactive entertainment in this fantasy based on reality.

The Crew: Ultimate Edition ($49.99)
Explore the first realistic recreation of the entire USA ever built for a driving game in The Crew Ultimate Edition, your all inclusive edition of the revolutionary action driving game The Crew. This bundle includes The Crew, The Crew Wild Run expansion, The Crew Calling All Units expansion and the Season Pass. Roam the ultimate driving playground on and off road in a 5000km² open world. Master every terrain with powerful cars, agile motorcycles, unstoppable monster trucks or roaring dragsters. Be spontaneous, turn on-road encounters into intense rivalries or bond with friends, creating instant challenges with fellow drivers. Chose the badge or the street, fly solo or join a police squad and use your special abilities to track down and chase Street Racers all over the US. Over 120 Licensed Vehicles, 220+ Tuning Kits and a 30+ hours story campaign.

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Final Fantasy XV, Steep, SteinsGate 0, more added to PS Store


PlayStation 4 owners will get a chance to play a game that has been in the works for more than a decade next week… but believe it or not, they’ll get the chance to do that this week as well. First announced in 2006, Square Enix released their epic action RPG, Final Fantasy XV, on the PS4 this week. Players will take control of Noctis and his friends as they embark on a quest to reclaim their homeland from an invading army.

Also available this week is Ubisoft’s snow-covered extreme sports sim, Steep. Players will be able to ski, snowboard, paraglide, or wingsuit down the Alps in a PS4 game that’ll be available this Friday.

Finally this week, PQube will continue the SteinsGate saga with SteinsGate 0 for the PS4 and Vita. The first game in the series is one of the most popular “visual novels” of all time, and the time-bending prequel takes players back to how it all began.

More information on all of these games can be found after the break. And a full rundown of this week’s new add-ons and discounts will soon be available at the PlayStation Blog. (more…)

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Final Fantasy XV launched today after a decade in development… so be sure to check out this pair of Launch Trailers

Ten Years. It’s a long time. If you were a young tween when Square Enix first announced Final Fantasy XV back in 2006 (when it was known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII), you’re likely getting ready to graduate from college.

But the epic RPG is finally available on store shelves today for the PS4 and Xbox One, and to go with it, Square Enix has uploaded a pretty impressive live-action Launch Trailer for the game. Featuring Florence + the Machine’s cover of “Stand By Me,” the trailer is meant to evoke the power of friendship and how it can help you fight any battle.

“Final Fantasy has a special place in the hearts of many and the team who worked long and hard on this project couldn’t be prouder to present Final Fantasy XV to fans around the world,” said Hajime Tabata, the game’s Director. “Today, we invite not only longtime fans but a new generation of gamers to a series beloved thanks to the engaging story telling, unique characters and captivating worlds that have become the hallmark of Final Fantasy over the years.”

A second Launch Trailer, this one featuring nothing but gameplay, can be found after the break. (more…)

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