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Home Run Stars Review: Batter and Broken Ladder

Spring 2001. Normal, Illinois. My last semester at college was peppered with preparing for graduation, studying for finals, job searching, and filming a movie about a murderous chef (don’t ask). But, like any self-respecting gamer, I always found time to relax with my PlayStation and Nintendo 64. Throughout the final month of my college career, my roommate and I put an absurd amount of time into one game: Triple Play 2001. We did not play the exhibition or season modes; our precious time was devoted to Extreme Home Run Derby, where, instead of a baseball stadium, you are placed in a giant living room, medieval castle, or construction site. The goal of that game was to not just hit home runs, but also get bonus points by hitting various targets. Shatter a picture frame in the living room, get 500 bonus points. Raise the drawbridge in the castle, get 1000 bonus points. You get the idea.

Ever since Triple Play 2001, I yearned for another baseball game to come along with the same feature. Alas, my wishes have gone unfulfilled. Now, eleven years later, we are treated to Home Run Stars, a Kinect title available on Xbox Live Arcade. One could only imagine my elation upon learning that a spiritual successor of sorts was being released. And although I found the game somewhat enjoyable, there were too many issues with Home Run Stars (and the Kinect itself) that bogged down what could have been a fantastic game. (more…)

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XBLA Today: Home Run Stars

The San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers will resume their battle for the 2012 World Series crown on Saturday. But if you need to feed your baseball fix tonight, there’s always Home Run Stars, a new Kinect-powered title now available on the Xbox Live Arcade:

Step up to the plate and swing for the fence in Home Run Stars, featuring Avatar Fame Star! Progress through the League mode through all three unique stadiums! Each one features a vast number of spectacular targets to aim for and earn big points. Compete with your friends in multiplayer for the highest score. Use your device supported by SmartGlass to compete in a Duel with a friend!

Home Run Stars has been priced at 800 Microsoft Points ($10). However, the costs of swinging a bat around your living room could turn out to be much greater.

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