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Last Year is another multiplayer slasher simulator where you can play as the killer

Is there something in the water? Besides the rotting corpse of Jason Voorhees, that is.

Just a few days after Gun Media announced Summer Camp, James Matthew Wearing has announced Last Year, his own asymmetric multiplayer game set within the confines of a slasher film. Wearing has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of Last Year’s PC release, which he wants to launch in Fall 2016. He is currently developing Last Year by himself and hopes to use a successful Kickstarter campaign as a means of attracting a team willing to help him complete the game.

Like Summer Camp, players in Last Year will take control of five teenagers being hunted by a masked Killer. The teens have been sorted into familiar multiplayer classes such as Nick the Nerd (Technician) or Chad the Jock (Assault). They will have to work together with the other teens (Amber the Scout, Sam the Medic, and Troy and Support) to survive the night against the Killer in 5v1 contests at Silver Lake Camp or East Side High.

However, in Last Year the Killer will have a special ability known as Predator Mode. Evoking the teleportation abilities seemingly held by Jason or Michael Myers, the Killer will be able to become invisible while in Predator Mode and pop up in just the right spot for the perfect jump scare. Boo!

A little more than 44 days remain on the Last Year Kickstarter campaign and Wearing is seeking $50,000 CAD (about $43,000 US) to make his game a reality.

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