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Farom Studio releases first trailer for Lost Region… and it looks a little familar

Yesterday, Farom Studio released the first trailer for Lost Region, their upcoming survival action game. As “Pre-Alpha Footage,” the game is still early in development, but some players might find that it looks a bit… familiar.

We shouldn’t be totally surprised, since Lost Region is also a third-person survival action game, but it looks quite a bit like State of Decay and Rust.

The atmosphere… desolate, wooded, and with a few signs of life here and there… are all signatures of other popular survival action titles. There aren’t any zombies, but these standard elements all make an appearance in the Lost Region trailer

The locale, the buildings, the atmosphere, and the crafting all reminds me very much of State of Decay and Rust. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. State of Decay is a great game, so great that a sequel is set to arrive on the PC and Xbox One this year. And Rust has a massive Steam following despite being in Early Access for years.

Regardless, the Lost Region trailer looks great. And I still think that it’s a game that we should keep our eyes on. Farom Studio has promised to deliver an amazing and unique experience with the game, and they just might. Because, despite the seeming similarities, Lost Region’s features already sets itself apart.

From a fully explorable environment, to the massive map, coupled with the ability to create clans and choose your own path, Lost Region looks to implement features that gamers will love yet other games are lacking. Considering that this is just the Alpha version of the game, I’m looking forward to see Lost Region evolve into a finished product.

And you can follow along, as Farom Studio also recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the game. They’re seeking $20,000 and hope to make the Alpha release available to the public in April.

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Farom Studio unveils Lost Region, their upcoming survival action game

What is Lost Region? There’s a good chance you asked yourself that as you read the headline. Am I right? Good, because that’s the whole point of this news update.

Lost Region is currently in development by Ukraine-based Farom Studio, the team behind Bad Day, a mobile title released in 2013.

The game initially started off as a Bad Day sequel running on Unreal Engine 4, however due to the loss of one of the team members, production of any and all additional Bad Day titles had to cease, likely for legal reasons. However, this hurdle didn’t stop the other developers at Farom Studio. Instead they chose to push forward, in the process creating what we now know as Lost Region.

Okay, so now you know some of the backstory. But that still doesn’t really answer the question does it? So, what is Lost Region?

As you’ve probably guessed from some of the screenshots, Lost Region is an action game, a third-person survival action game to be exact. Lost Region features a fully explorable world, spanning a massive 64 sq/km (that’s over six feet of map) Players can visit any building in the game, and travel to any portion of the map, in order to loot tools and additional supplies.

But wait, there’s more. Not only are players capable of explore all of the in-game buildings, but said buildings also differ in size, from tiny houses to large bases. A key component of the game is setting up a base. According to Farom Studio, you absolutely cannot survive in Lost Region as a homeless player. Therefore setting up camp is extremely important, but layers will have the ability to choose the path of a bandit, mechanic, or soldier. Players can opt for none of the aforementioned titles, and simply play as an adventurer.

Lost Region also features multiplayer, sporting the ability to team up with your friends and create clans, becoming a bandit group, mercenary, or research team.

Currently, Lost Region has no definitive release date set, however the game is expected to release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows platforms. Farom Studio will showcase an alpha version of the game on their social media channels next Monday, February 20.

More screenshots from Lost Region are available after the break. (more…)

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