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Metroid: The Sky Calls is a fan film that calls back to 60s/70s sci-fi like Alien and 2001

A good fan film will often result in a lot of nodding as you think to yourself, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Someone gets it!” While it’s definitely not how a major Hollywood studio would adapt Metroid today, I think Metroid: The Sky Calls might produce a few approving nods.

Produced by Rainfall Films, and starring Jessica Chobot as Samus Aran, Metroid: The Sky Calls harkens back to the science fiction from the 60s and 70s that inspired the creation of the franchise in the first place. Combining the psychedelic visuals of 2001: A Space Odyssey with the loneliness and isolation of Alien and Solaris, the short film is both very familiar and like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Nintendo partnered with John Woo to develop a movie based on the Metroid series back in 2004. Sometime in the years that followed, the deal fell through and no movie was produced. But if they ever try again, I’d like to think that Nintendo would find some inspiration in Metroid: The Sky Calls.

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Nintendo Download: Metroid, Crush 3D demo, Spot The Difference

This week’s Nintendo Download brings the NES classic Metroid to the 3DS eShop. But before you Justin Bailey your way through Zebes, you might also want to know that a demo of Crush 3D, Sega’s in-your-face puzzler is also available to download. Finally this week, the find-the-object game Aahh! Spot The Difference was added to the DSiWare Shop.

If you’re still in the dark about this week’s new releases, here’s a little bit more information, straight from Nintendo:

Metroid (3DS eShop) – Packed with high-tech weaponry, creepy tunnels and hideous alien creatures, the first installment in the immensely successful Metroid series introduces us to the slick, cybernetic bounty hunter Samus Aran.

Aahh! Spot The Difference (DSiWare) – Demonstrate your powers of observation in this engaging “spot the difference” game. Complete 40 challenging levels in four unique scenarios by spotting the differences between the upper and lower screen.

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