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Xbox Store Today: Mr. Shifty, Oh Sir! The Insult Simulator, Aero Fighters 2, more

It’s time to close out the week with a look at today’s Xbox Games Store update. Here’s a few new games that are now available to download for the Xbox One…

Mr. Shifty is a top-down heist game from TinyBuild and Team Shifty… with the added twist that the burglar can teleport at will. According to the developer, players will be able to “shift through walls, through bullets, cover huge distances, and be everywhere at once.”

Also available this week is Oh Sir! The Insult Simulator, a verbal sparring contest from developer Vile Monarch.

And finally, Hamster Corporation is bringing another NeoGeo classic to the Xbox One with the release of Aero Fighters 2, a vertically-scrolling shooter that was originally released in 1994.

You can learn more about all of these games after the break. (more…)

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PS Store This Week: Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, Minecraft Story Mode Season 2, Serial Cleaner, more

We might be in the middle of the Summer gaming drought, but there are plenty of new releases available this week through the PlayStation Store.

Leading the way is a game that actually made its debut more than a decade ago. Originally released for the PS2 in 2006, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will feature enhanced graphics and sound on the PS4, as well as the Zodiac Job System that was only available in the RPG’s “International” edition.

Square Enix will also publish MotoGP 17 for the PS4 this week, which includes all the riders, teams, and tracks from the 2017 season.

A second epic tale will launch for the PS4 this week, as Telltale Games will release the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2. Jesse and friends return in Episode 1: Hero in Residence, but there’s no rest for the wicked, as a strange gauntlet has latched itself onto Jesse.

Finally this week, a trio of new indie games will provide some interesting new experiences for PS4 owners. Serial Cleaner is a 70s-set adventure about body disposal, Iron Crypticle is a Gauntlet/Smash TV hybrid, and Mr. Shifty features a teleporting thief.

More information about all of these games (and a few other new releases) can be found after the break. (more…)

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Mr. Shifty Review: Not Ready to Shift Into the Spotlight

Mr. Shifty is a top-down brawler from Team Shifty, a new development studio out of Brisbane, Australia. As Mr. Shifty, you are able to shift/teleport your way through walls and bullets, taking down your enemies at lightning speed while trying to break into the world’s most secure facility. There are 18 levels to shift your way across, all with varying difficulty. New enemies help keep the gameplay fresh and exciting, but the replayability of the title is lacking a bit.

So, you’re a teleporting thief who has embarked on his biggest heist yet. What could possibly go wrong? Well, if you are Mr. Shifty, the answer to that is everything. (more…)

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Nintendo Download: Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, Mr. Shifty, Bye-Bye BoxBoy!, more

Nintendo added two surprising new 3DS games to the Nintendo eShop this morning…

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe is a standalone expansion of the “Team Kirby Clash” minigame included with Kirby: Planet Robobot. The game is free-to-start and features four different Kirbys battling it out with a series of giant boss monsters.

Also available to download for the 3DS today is Bye-Bye BoxBoy!, the conclusion to the black-and-white BoxBoy trilogy. This time around, Qbby has to overcome obstacles and rescue the Qbabies in this new side-scrolling platformer from developer HAL Laboratory.

Switch owners will get the chance to purchase several new games this week as well, and TinyBuild and Team Shifty added Mr. Shifty to their side of the eShop today. The overhead action game mixes will look familiar to fans of Hotline Miami, but Mr. Shifty is a thief with superheroic teleportation abilities and a penchant for “distraction and trickery.”

Finally today, Jackbox launched The Jackbox Party Pack 3 for the Switch, and it includes five new party-friendly games… “Quiplash,” “Trivia Murder Party,” “Guesspionage,” “Tee K.O.,” and “Fakin’ It.”

You can learn more about all of these games (and a few more new additions to the Nintendo eShop) after the break. (more…)

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More than 60 “Nindies” are in development for Nintendo Switch including SteamWorld Dig 2, Runner 3, Yooka-Laylee, and more

Nintendo presented their first-ever Nindies Showcase for the Nintendo Switch today, and promised that more than 60 games from independent developers will be available for the console in 2017. This includes a staggering number of exclusives and timed exclusives such as…

  • Image & Form’s SteamWorld Dig 2, which will be available first on the Switch this Summer.
  • Choice Provisions’s Runner 3, which is in development exclusively for the Switch, and will be released this Fall.
  • Vertex Pop’s Graceful Explosion Machine, a side-scrolling shooter that’ll be released for the Switch first this April.
  • Team Shifty’s Mr. Shifty, an overhead action game that’ll also be available first for the Switch this April.
  • Cardboard Robot’s Pocket Rumble, a retro-styled fighting game that’ll only be available to console owners on the Switch this March.

Other highlights from the Nindies Showcase include confirmation that Yooka-Laylee will be available for the Switch “soon” and that Blaster Master Zero will be released simultaneously for the 3DS and Switch on March 9.

Nintendo’s complete Nindies Showcase presentation has been embedded above, and you can learn more about all the games featured in the video after the break. (more…)

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