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Capcom delivers the scoop on Urien… Street Fighter V’s final DLC character from Season 1

The first “Season” of downloadable content for Street Fighter V will come to an end this month, so Capcom has unveiled a trailer for Urien, the final DLC character of 2016. The Illuminati fighter made his debut in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, but according to the Capcom-Unity blog, he’s still at odds with Shadaloo:

About Urien
Urien returns to Street Fighter V, donning a pinstriped suit and is often seen with a sinister smile when he hits opponents with his powerful limbs and violent combos. He uses his slow moving projectiles to pressure opponents and get them to do his bidding. A master of manipulating ki, his signature Aegis Reflector, one of the 66 Illuminati secret arts, is back and allows him to control the pace of the match.

V-Skill: Metallic Aura
Urien laughs maniacally while enveloping his body with his Metallic Aura. Once charged, his skin tone darkens and the next forward-propelling special move can temporarily absorb one attack.

V-Trigger: Aegis Reflector
Urien opens his arms and creates an energy barrier in front of him. The barrier will reflect projectiles back at the opponent and the direction held when activating the V-Trigger determines where it appears. Opponents who touch the barrier without blocking will take damage and be knocked back. With a full V-meter, Urien can project two barriers.

Critical Art: Dominate Crush
Urien channels energy into his arm and slams it into the ground, striking his opponent with a pillar of destruction.

A release date for Street Fighter V’s September Update (including Urien) will be announced during this year’s Tokyo Game Show, which will be held next week, beginning on Thursday, September 15.

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Juri will join the Street Fighter V roster on July 26

Capcom will add another latex-clad ninja to Street Fighter V next week. Beginning on July 26, Juri will be available to download for the game on the PC and PS4.

Introduced in Street Fighter IV, Juri is “a sadistic fighter who enjoys violence and loves tormenting her prey.” She also hates M. Bison and his Shadaloo organization, which has fueled her involvement in the events of Street Fighter V’s recently released Story Mode, “A Shadow Falls.” Available as part of the Season Pass, as a standalone purchase, or for free with Fight Money, the Capcom-Unity blog has the full scoop on Juri’s new fighting style:

About Juri
Juri returns to Street Fighter V with a brand new look and some tricks up her sleeves. A trained expert in Taekwondo, Juri also possesses a ki booster called the Feng Shui Engine equipped in her left eye to aid her during battles. She focuses on flashy, fast and furious kicks, and has a wide range of ki-based attacks at her disposal. Her trademark moves are her ki-based fireball attack and pinwheel kick.

V-Skill: Kasatsushu
Juri builds charges up and rushes at the opponent, kicking them from behind. Juri can choose to charge Kasatsushu by holding down the V-Skill command. During this charge, she can cancel Kasatsushu at any time by inputting a forward or backward dash. Additionally, she maintains her charge level after the cancel.

V-Trigger: Feng Shui Engine Type Alpha
Juri activates the Feng Shui Engine which allows her to cancel all of her standard attacks, both in the air and on the ground, into one another. In addition, each strength of her Fuharenkyaku attacks will remain in their charged state.

Critical Art – Sakkai Fuhazan
Juri kicks out a large slicing blast towards the opponent that hits multiple times.

Capcom also announced today that three more Premium Summer Costumes (priced at $3.99 apiece) will be available on July 26 for Cammy, Laura, and Ibuki. And if you don’t want to wait until the 26th, fans attending this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con will get the chance to try out Juri and costume these female fighters in new threads at the Street Fighter V booth.

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Get a sneak peek at Street Fighter V’s Story Mode DLC before it launches tomorrow

Street Fighter V‘s Story Mode DLC, “A Shadow Falls,” will be available as a free download beginning tomorrow, July 1. But first, Capcom wants to give fans a sneak peek at the cinematic campaign with a brand new Launch Trailer.

As you might expect from Street Fighter, the plotting and dialogue are a bit on the goofy side, but it’s always entertaining to see the game’s colorful characters mixing it up like this. Taking place between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III, “A Shadow Falls” will check in with the 16 characters from the main game and all six downloadable characters.

And speaking of downloadable characters, don’t forget, Ibuki and Balrog will both be added to the game tomorrow. Players who previously purchased the Season Pass can download them for free, while the rest of us will be able to buy them for $5.99 apiece. Street Fighter V’s in-game Fight Money currency can also be used to unlock the fighters, but remember that you’ll need 100,000 Credits per character.

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Capcom reveals more details about Balrog’s abilities in Street Fighter V

Last night, Capcom confirmed that Balrog will be part of this Friday’s massive update for Street Fighter V, which also includes the Cinematic Story Campaign, Ibuki, and a number of new stages and costumes.

The Cinematic Story Campaign will be a free update, but if you’re interested in the bruising boxer known as Balrog, Capcom provided an update on his new fighting style this morning at the Capcom-Unity blog:

About Balrog
Balrog in Street Fighter V still remains as one of Shadaloo’s top enforcers, working alongside M. Bison, F.A.N.G and Vega. Be sure to check out his Character Story and of course the Cinematic Story Mode to see what sort of trouble he gets himself into this time around.

His playstyle in Street Fighter V puts the focus on his devastating punches, and with the use of his V-Trigger, he can chain these attacks together to deal serious damage. He also has a few cheap attacks up his sleeve to keep the fight in his favor, so don’t let your guard down for a moment!

V-Skill: KKB
A unique move that twirls his body while moving forward. While activated, you can dodge projectiles as well as string together attacks. You can even activate KKB before a special hits you, allowing you to be a technical inside fighter.

V-Trigger: Crazy Rush
A chance to be the aggressor when activated! Steam rises from his body and allows you to string together specials like Charging Buffalo and Bursting Buffalo.

Critical Art: Gigaton Blow
Unleash the fury from your fist with this simple, yet destructive critical art. It can be connected with various moves. Make sure to include it in your combos.

And in case you missed it, Balrog’s Reveal Trailer has been embedded above.

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Balrog is also stepping into the ring for Street Fighter V’s June update… which was pushed back to July 1

There’s some good news and some bad news on the Street Fighter V front.

The bad news isn’t all that bad, so let’s start there. Capcom announced last night that the Story Expansion and Ibuki won’t be ready to go by the end of the month as originally planned. But don’t panic! The good news is that we’re only looking at a minor delay and both will be available to download this Friday, July 1.

The even better news is that players will also be able to download Balrog this Friday as well. The beloved boxer will return to the Street Fighter universe as a free download for Season Pass owners, and as a standalone download for everyone else. You can get your first look at Balrog’s new appearance in the Reveal Trailer above, which also includes a glimpse at Juri and Urien, the final two Street Fighter V additions planned for 2016.

And in case you missed it, “Tokido” emerged victorious over “Infiltration” during last night’s Street Fighter V Finals at CEO 2016.

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Capcom reveals more details about Street Fighter V’s Story Expansion


It’s fair to say that fans didn’t know what to expect when Street Fighter V launched as a relatively bare-bones package back in February. New entries in the fighting game franchise are typically quite larger, but Capcom decided to follow Nintendo’s lead with Splatoon and slowly build up Street Fighter V’s feature set over the next year. Today, we got our first look at one of the game’s biggest upcoming additions… the Cinematic Story Expansion.

In addition to a batch of new screenshots, here’s what the publisher had to say about the story, which actually takes place between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III, over on the Capcom-Unity blog:

The Street Fighter V Cinematic Story Expansion, “A Shadow Falls,” depicts the ultimate battle between the evil Shadaloo organization and the heroic World Warriors who rise up against them. Seven “Black Moons” are deployed by Shadaloo, granting M. Bison unimaginable power and enveloping the earth in total darkness. Seeing the moons mysteriously appear in the sky, Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li embark on an epic journey around the world to retrieve fragment pieces that are the key to stopping the “Black Moons” before it’s too late. Along the way, they encounter the rest of the World Warriors, each of whom have their own agendas and motivations in mind. The final battle between good and evil begins now… who will RISE UP?

Capcom also said the Cinematic Story Expansion will include a free preview of Balrog, Urien, and Juri. The publisher is currently in the process of polishing and balancing all three characters, and “tournament ready” versions will be added to Street Fighter V later this year.

Finally, Capcom announced that the Zenny “Real Money” Shop will no longer be added to Street Fighter V. Instead, players will be able to purchase characters, stages, and costumes with real money using the already-available PlayStation Store or the Steam Store. Unlocking in-game items through Fight Money credits earned through gameplay will remain unchanged.

Street Fighter V’s Cinematic Story Expansion will be available by the end of the month.

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Capcom reveals a bit more about Ibuki’s fighting style in Street Fighter V

This weekend, Capcom unveiled the first trailer for Street Fighter V‘s next downloadable character, the female ninja (or kunoichi) Ibuki. Now, the publisher has revealed a few more details about her latest incarnation at the Capcom-Unity blog:

Character Overview
Ibuki has always been a very mobile character with various target combos, but she now has even more ways to mix-up the opponent with the ability to glide through the air and toss out ninja bombs, making it very difficult to predict where she will land and where her next attack will come from.

Kunais have also been a cornerstone of her playstyle, but now players will have to be much more strategic in their use as she can only stock five at a time before she has to quickly obtain another set. That said, their utility is just as powerful as ever as she can send her entire stock flying at the opponent for serious damage.

V-Skill: Tenrai
Ibuki builds up energy and blasts it from her palm towards the opponent. The blast range is dependent on how long Tenrai is charged for.

V-Trigger: Isshaku Horokudama
Ibuki digs into her bag of ninja tools and throws a bomb at the opponent. Depending on which direction is held upon activation, the bomb can either go off quickly, after a slight delay or after a longer delay. Ibuki is extremely crafty and impatient, however, so there might be other ways to trigger the explosion.

Critical Art: Kachofugetsu
The pinnacle of Ibuki’s ninjutsu training! Ibuki launches the opponent into the air, quickly following after them. She then performs a series of ninjutsu seals, culminating in a large scale blast to the opponent’s skull.

Ibuki will likely be available to download sometime in June, alongside a brand new stage (“Estate at Noon”) and Street Fighter V’s Story Expansion.

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Street Fighter V: Ibuki Reveal Trailer released by Capcom

Capcom is ready to reveal the next addition to Street Fighter V‘s cadre of combatants… the ninja Ibuki.

Initially making her debut in Street Fighter III (and later appearing in Street Fighter X Tekken and Super Street Fighter IV), Ibuki is a schoolgirl who also has access to throwing knives, bombs, and a cape for limited gliding.

We don’t yet know when Capcom will make Ibuki available to download, but you can watch her deliver a beating to Guile in the Reveal Trailer embedded above.

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