Sony Computer Entertainment introduces ‘PlayStation Suite’ on Android

Last night was a pretty insane time for gaming as Sony unveiled the next-generation successor to the PSP, codenamed NGP. But before Kaz Hirai got into details of their powerful new handheld, PlayStation Suite for Android smartphones and tablets was announced. This is a content delivery service in which devices running Android 2.3 or higher will be able to experience “PlayStation quality” titles. To maintain the good will of the brand, the “PlayStation Certified” program will provide development support and licensing. The service is set to launch within the calendar year, and although no formal lineup has been announced, PlayStation oldies like Cool Boarders 2 and Medieval were spotted at the conference last night. It looks like PlayStation-style buttons appear on the touch screen and players control the games that way.

Despite the ever-increasing relevance of Apple and its iOS in the gaming industry, many have complained about the lack of depth thus far seen on smartphones. Hopefully this service will bring more substance to the market. In addition, SCE’s own touch device, the NGP, will also support PlayStation Suite titles. So you can have PlayStation Suite on your PlayStation… sweet!

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