Incognita (now known as Invisible Inc.) early access alpha now available

Incognita was one of our favorite games from PAX Prime, and the trailer above should show why. It’s a thrilling, fun strategy game, full of quick decisions and interesting graphics. I love the character designs, and while the new name – Invisible, Inc. – isn’t quite as cool as Incognita, I’ll still buy it.

Speaking of buying it, the game is now available for pre-order, which gives you early access to their alpha build. Klei Entertainment has priced the game at $19.99, but if you buy it now, you can get it for $16.99. You can also opt for the version that comes with the soundtrack for $19.99 (the soundtrack is not finalized yet, but you’ll get the tracks as they’re made available). Place your order through their website now. Buying now gives you a Steam key, but it can only be purchased through the official Invisible, Inc. site for now. You’ll be able to order the game on Steam once the Beta is available.

Keep in mind that if you pre-order it now, you’ll be playing the alpha version, which has some bugs, and could be tremendously different than the final version. But the bonus is that you’ll be able to play the game now, and give the developers feedback on what you think about it as they make updates. The game was fun back in September, so I can’t imagine how great it must be now.

The full version of Invisible, Inc. will be released sometime in 2014. Only the PC version is available now, but Klei says that more information on other platforms will be forthcoming.

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