Catch ’em all in Pokemon Go’s Halloween Event now until November 1

With Halloween right around the corner, Niantic has launched the first in-game event for Pokemon Go. From now until November 1, players will have a better chance of finding a scary-looking Pokemon with “increased global encounters” for Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Hypno, and Zubat.

And it wouldn’t be Halloween without candy, so there’ll be plenty of opportunities to receive more Pokemon Candy during the event. All Trainers will earn twice the normal amount of Pokemon Candy, six pieces, for every Pokemon caught during the event. The Professor will also give Trainers two Candies (instead of one) for every Pokemon transferred to him. Players will also receive increased Buddy Pokemon Candy rewards over the next seven days as well.

“It’s been incredible watching people explore their neighborhoods and catch wild Pokemon all summer,” said Tatsuo Nomura, the Senior Product Manager at Niantic. “We would like to Trick-Or-Treat in our own special way by giving Trainers the chance to catch more Pokemon and earn extra Candy this Halloween.”

Niantic also released a new trailer for the Halloween Event, which has been embedded above.

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