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“We Are Ghosts” trailer reintroduces us to the stars of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

You might not remember, but Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands made its debut a little over a year ago at E3 2015. With the 2016 edition of gaming’s premiere showcase just a few weeks away, Ubisoft has decided to reintroduce the world to the next game in the Ghost Recon franchise with a new trailer, “We Are Ghosts.”

The publisher has promised to reveal more information about Wildlands at this year’s E3 Expo, though a post on the UbiBlog sheds a little light on the Bolivian locales that players will visit as they work to take down the fictional Santa Blanca drug cartel:

From deserts and mountains to salt flats and jungle, each of these ecosystems presents different challenges that ultimately affect the way you might approach a mission. For example, the thick vegetation of the jungle will conceal your approach to a target, making it possible to sneak up and get the jump on them. Conversely, traversing arid mountains can leave you vulnerable to enemy attack, so an aerial insertion might be the best way to approach the situation. It’s not just Bolivia’s terrain that provokes strategic thinking. Different weather conditions like rain or fog can affect your visibility, potentially making it harder to spot enemies from a distance. In any case, the development team’s priority at Ubisoft Paris has been to make sure that the in-game Bolivia properly reflects the real-world Bolivia’s most extreme conditions.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is expected to be released in late 2016/early 2017 and is in development for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Though most of the game is still shrouded in mystery, Ubisoft did reveal a few details about its special editions.

All players who pre-order Ghost Recon: Wildlands will receive “The Peruvian Connection,” a bonus mission that “puts the Ghosts in the mountains of Bolivia to take on not only the Santa Blanca, but also their Peruvian counterparts.” The Deluxe Edition will add a variety of in-game items, such as the Huntsman Rifle and Motorbike, three Emblems, three Weapon Camo Skins, three Character Customization Items, and an XP Booster. Meanwhile, the Gold Edition bumps up the Deluxe Edition with a Season Pass for post-launch access to two major Expansions, Equipment Packs, and exclusive vehicles and weapons. Finally, the Collector’s Edition will feature a Santa Muerte figurine and posters designed by illustrator Ken Taylor.

For a deeper dive into the world of Wildlands, a “Pop-Up Video” version of the “We Are Ghosts” trailer, offering additional information on Bolivia and the Ghosts, can be found after the break. (more…)

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Gargos is now available for Killer Instinct S3: Ultra Edition owners… so here’s a trailer

Gargos is the immortal demon lord at the center of Killer Instinct‘s bizarre narrative, and the winged monster finally made his debut as part of the franchise’s rebooted continuity earlier this week.

To celebrate his release, developer Iron Galaxy released a new trailer featuring Gargos on Friday, and Season 3: Ultra Edition owners are able to download the character now. Owners of the Combo Breaker bundle, as well as individual purchasers, will have access to Gargos beginning June 3.

To give Killer Instinct fans a sneak peek at some of his alternate costumes, Iron Galaxy also released a trio of gameplay trailers for Gargos late last week. In case you missed them, be sure to check out the pure 90s-ness of Retro Gargos, as well as a more devilish take on the gargoyle, and a version with a creepy clown mask. All three trailers can be viewed after the break. (more…)

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Weekly Warp-Up: Memorial Day 2016 Edition

No, that’s not a typo. Welcome to the Weekly Warp-Up, your weekly wrap-up of the biggest and the best articles posted at Warp Zoned this week…

The end of May is near, and Memorial Day is tomorrow, so game publishers mostly took this past week off. But be sure to take a look back at what the Warp Zoned staff was up to the last seven days, including Chris Cobb’s detailed look at what he wants from Resident Evil 7 in Warp Zoned Wish List: What We Want From Resident Evil 7.

Also this week, Andrew Rainnie filed another entry in his Kickstart This! series, this time focusing on Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale, an online shooter.

Not every game publisher took the week off, and big announcements from Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Codemasters, and WB Games can be found after the break. (more…)

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New Retail Releases: Dead Island Definitive Collection, One Piece Burning Blood


A handful of very huge games have been released over the last few weeks, but the month comes to a close with just a pair of new titles.

Deep Silver will resurrect the first two games in the Dead Island series as part of the Dead Island Definitive Collection for the PS4 and Xbox One. The compilation will add shinier graphics to Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, and include all previously-released downloadable content for both games. An exclusive third game, Dead Island: Retro Revenge, will morph the series into a 16-bit side-scroller.

Also available this week is One Piece: Burning Blood, a one-on-one fighter for the PS4 and Xbox One. An adaptation of the pirate-themed manga, One Piece: Burning Blood will offer players “an advanced battle system that replicates Devil Fruit abilities and Haki techniques.”

We’ll be back soon to look at the latest digital releases on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store, and Nintendo eShop throughout the rest of the week.

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No Man’s Sky release date officially delayed to August 9


I guess you can take the sky from me. Developer Hello Games has confirmed that No Man’s Sky won’t be released for the PC and PS4 on June 21 as planned. Instead, the game has been pushed back to August 9 for further polishing.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Hello’s Sean Murray has this to say about the delay:

[A]s we approached our final deadlines, we realized that some key moments needed extra polish to bring them up to our standards. I have had to make the tough choice to delay the game for a few weeks to allow us to deliver something special.

We understand that this news is disappointing. Making this game is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but we are so close now, and we’re prepared to make the tough choices to get it right.

Murray closed by offering his sincerest apologies to fans for the No Man’s Sky’s delay.

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Minecraft’s Console Edition is getting a PvP arena in June with Battle Mini Game update


Minecraft‘s Console Edition is about to get a little more interesting with the launch of the Battle Mini Game update in June. Available as a free download for the PS3, PS4, Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, the Battle Mini Game will add a competitive multiplayer battle arena to the game.

Here’s what Marsh Davies, Mojang’s Community Manger, had to say about the update on the company’s official website:

Battle pits players against one another in a fight for survival, as they race to snatch weapons and resources from chests, dance over each arena’s unique perils and stave off hunger pangs. We’ve made the mini game specifically with console players and couch-based competition in mind: it supports up to four players in splitscreen and eight players online, either by invitation or using the in-game matchmaking system. We wanted it to be super-accessible and fast-paced, so we’ve tried to keep the focus on rapid tactical thinking and combat: there’s no need to craft anything here, and you can loot inventories and equip armour with the tap of a button.

The Battle Mini Game update will include three maps, but Mojang and 4J Studios have plans to produce more Map Packs or the mode, which will be available later this year for $2.99 apiece. For now, you can head over to for a look at the first screenshots from the Battle Mini Game.

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Minecraft-like Dragon Quest Builders will be released in North America this October

As part of Dragon Quest’s 30th anniversary celebration, Square Enix has announced that Dragon Quest Builders will be released in North America this Fall. Starring a mysterious character known only as the Legendary Builder, players will set out to rebuild the kingdom of Alefgard after a cataclysmic attack by the Dragonlord:

A long time ago, the realm of Alefgard was engulfed in an ongoing battle between the humans and the monsters. A celebrated hero stood up and confronted the Dragonlord, the wicked king of the monsters, to try to put an end to the conflict. Through his vile trickery, the Dragonlord deceived the hero into a false deal, and Alefgard was destroyed in the process. The few survivors were robbed of the power to build and scattered around the world to live out their lives in despair and apathy. The very idea of creativity and imagination became mere legend, and mankind was reduced to a meager existence, surviving only by scavenging what remained among the ruins for centuries to come.

Until one day, a new hero is awoken by the spirit of the land – one who will become the Legendary Builder, within whose fingertips dwells the long-lost power of creation. Rebuild the ruined realm in your own image and bring an end to the Dragonlord’s reign of evil once and for all.

The Minecraft-like game is certainly getting into the anniversary spirit, as it seems to take place during the aftermath of the “bad ending” from the first Dragon Quest game. And in a way, Dragon Quest Builders might be the closest thing we’ll ever get to a sequel to the NES classic.

In development for the PS4 and Vita, Dragon Quest Builders will be released this October.

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Codemasters announces F1 2016 for PC, PS4, Xbox One


Codemasters gave the green light to F1 2016 this morning, and publisher Deep Silver confirmed the racing game will be available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One this Summer. Once again, the developer is pumping even more realism into the game, and F1 2016 will feature an expanded Career Mode with the option to create your own racer for the first time.

Principal Game Designer Lee Mather had a bit to say about the team’s vision for F1 2016 at the Codies Blog:

“F1 2016 is a massive step forward for the franchise. The new Career Mode sits at the heart of the game and allows gamers to create their own legend over a career that can span for up to a massive ten seasons. Beyond improving upon the fastest and most thrilling on-track racing experience in gaming, F1 2016 uniquely offers the drama and vehicle development that goes on behind the scenes. A rich car upgrade system is fully integrated into a new and deep practice development programme which mirrors the tests carried out by the teams in real life.”

The Create-A-Racer option in Career Mode will give F1 2016 players the chance to build their own avatar in the game’s world. This includes choosing a number for your car, as well as a custom helmet and the ability to jump between teams in search of a new contract. Of course, players can also stick with the same team and develop it into a championship contender after upgrading their car with new the Research and Development system.

Codemasters will reveal more about F1 2016 at this year’s E3 Expo, but a handful of screenshots and additional details about the Career Mode are available now at the Codies Blog.

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