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Umbrella Corps adds two RE2-themed maps and an Upgrade Pack full of famous faces

Capcom’s “full-scale offensive” for the Resident Evil franchise is in full swing, and the publisher is widely expected to announce Resident Evil 7 during this year’s E3 Expo (if not sooner). But Capcom is also hard at work on Umbrella Corps, a team-based shooter set within the Resident Evil universe, and it’ll be available to download for the PC and PS4 on June 21.

Today, the Capcom-Unity blog gave us got our first look at two new maps from Umbrella Corps that are based on some rather recognizable places from Resident Evil 2: the streets of Raccoon City and the Police Department.

The first new battlefield revealed is the Raccoon City map, which recreates the hazardous city streets first seen in RE 2 and RE 3. Overturned vehicles, walls of flame, and the shambling undead are scattered around the streets. Mercenaries can also venture down into the sewers below Raccoon City, shooting it out in the same narrow passages where infected rats once spread the T-Virus.

Speaking of Raccoon City’s Police Department, the headquarters’ main hall plays host to one of the most open maps in Umbrella Corps. The ruinous RPD building interior is reimagined as a patchwork refuge, with metal sheeting and scaffolding connecting the first and second floors. Mercenaries can even take cover beneath the ornate statue which held a key item in RE 2. Don’t get too nostalgic exploring the crumbling hall, however, because players are extremely exposed to enemy fire in this map.

And if you think these famous locales won’t be the same without Albert Wesker, Leon S. Kennedy, or Chris Redfield, don’t worry, Capcom feels the same way. That’s why the publisher will also release the Upgrade Pack, which includes masks for each of those characters, as well as Barry Burton, Jake Muller, and HUNK. The Upgrade Pack (which will be available as a $14.99 add-on or as part of a $39.99 Deluxe Edition bundle) will also include additional weapons, patches, custom colors, and emotes.

Finally, Capcom announced that everyone who pre-orders Umbrella Corps will receive access to the Fashion Victim Pack, which will add a few garish color options for your mercenary. Good thing zombies only see in BRAINNNNNSSSSSSSSS.

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Spider-Man joins Lego Avengers today as part of free Spider-Man Character Pack

Spider-Man officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this month’s Captain America: Civil War, and now the webhead is heading to Lego Avengers as part of the Spider-Man Character Pack. Available as a free download for Lego Avengers owners on the PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, the Spider-Man Character Pack will actually include six different webslinging characters:

  • Spider-Man (Captain America: Civil War)
  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
  • Spider-Man (Mile Morales)
  • Spider-Girl
  • Iron Spider
  • Scarlet Spider

You can also check out the Spider-Man Character Pack trailer embedded above to see Spider-Man (and friends) do whatever a spider can.

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Conan’s latest Clueless Gamer features Overwatch, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey… and butts

Conan O’Brien’s latest “Clueless Gamer” segment featured Blizzard’s Overwatch, where he was joined by two special guests from Game of Thrones, Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey. And a very special Iron Throne. “Clueless Gamer” almost inspires me to want to stream games because it’s so entertaining to watch funny people be bad at them. And that’s totally me: funny and bad at things. Maybe I shouldn’t limit myself to streaming video games but just record myself trying to do anything at all– until the final episode where I visit a botanical garden and, if cartoons have taught me anything, get eaten by a giant venus flytrap.

As explained by Conan, the objective of Overwatch is to “just shoot each other,” and shoot each other they do, with Peter Dinklage either being great at video games or maybe harboring some blood vendetta against the other two (or maybe there’s some residual anger from that Destiny thing). Characters briefly seen or mentioned in the segment include Junkrat, Zenyatta, Hanzo, D.Va, Lucio, as well as some extensive Widowmaker. And I’m sure you can imagine why: Butts, Butts, Butts. So many shiny orbs of buttocks, like glorious reflective garden gazing balls. What was I talking about?

Overwatch was released for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One today.

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Warp Zoned Wish List: What We Want From Resident Evil 7


Everyone has their favorite game, and with sequels being as plentiful as they are, there’s a good chance that game is part of a long-running series. The first game was probably great, and maybe the second was even better– but the series will inevitably go off the rails as the sequels and spinoffs pile up. As a fan, it’s easy to see things from one perspective and say we know the best way to return a faltering franchise to its former glory, but now it’s time to prove it.

Today, I’ll be rambling about my own personal favorite series, Resident Evil, the former gold standard for what a survival horror game should be. The scares peaked with a GameCube remake of the original game, before giving way to the more action-oriented Resident Evil 4 shortly thereafter. Things then came to an unfortunate head with Resident Evil 6— a bloated mess of badly-written, non-linear storytelling; Michael Bay-esque action set pieces; and over-complicated gameplay good only for co-op.

Resident Evil 7 is expected to be announced at this year’s E3 Expo, but how can Capcom best resurrect the series? Simple! Take it back to its B-movie roots, and more importantly, bring back the actual horror. What does that mean, you ask warily? Well… (more…)

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Pac-Man 256 will have co-op multiplayer when it comes to PC, PS4, Xbox One next month

Pac-Man 256, an endless maze runner released last year for mobile devices, is chomping its way towards the PC, PS4, and Xbox One next month.

In Pac-Man 256, players dash through a neverending maze level as they avoid ghosts, chomp pellets, and stay one step ahead of the dreaded “Level 256” glitch. But Pac-Man won’t need to do it alone anymore, because developer Hipster Whale is adding four-player simultaneous co-op to the PC/console version of Pac-Man 256. In addition to the main game, a collection of bonus themes will also be included in the game’s $4.99 purchase price.

Pac-Man 256 will be released for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 21.

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End sells 2.7 million copies in its first week


Back in March, Sony delayed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End one final time to ensure they’d have enough copies of the game available for its worldwide launch. After today’s announcement, it’s clear the consolemaker needed as many copies as they could manufacture.

According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, more than 2.7 million copies of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End were sold during the game’s first week of availability. That number includes retail copies of the game on Blu-ray disc, as well as digital copies through the PlayStation Store. As you might have guessed, these monumental figures made Uncharted 4 the fastest-selling PS4 first party title in North America.

Naughty Dog hasn’t announced their next project yet, but there’s a very real possibility that it could be The Last of Us 2.

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Soldier 76 stars in the final Overwatch animated short

Our long wait is almost over, Overwatch will be available beginning tomorrow for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. But Blizzard has one last animated short to debut before the game’s launch: Soldier 76.

In a previous life, Soldier 76 was known as John Morrison, the leader of Overwatch. He lead his team to victory in the Omnic Wars, a clash between robots and humans that took place well before the events of the game. Now, he’s a disgraced former agent, who still takes to the streets to dispense his own brand of law and order. Yes, you can take your pick… Solider 76 is Batman or The Punisher or Travis Bickle or Judge Dredd or any other one man army. But as the title of this short implies, he is also a “Hero.”

Blizzard has built quite a universe for Overwatch, and I’m genuinely sad that “Hero” is the final animated short (for now, at least). If you missed any of the others (“Recall,” “Alive,” and “Dragons“), I recommend you remedy that immediately.

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Carl Edwards crosses the finish line first at All-Star Race to become NASCAR Heat: Evolution’s cover athlete


For some drivers, there was more at stake than the checkered flag during yesterday’s NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. That’s because Dusenberry Martin Racing, the publisher behind the upcoming NASCAR Heat: Evolution, offered the coveted cover athlete position to the first Toyota driver to cross the finish line. Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Denny Hamlin, Matt Kenseth, and Martin Truex Jr. competed for the prize for 113 laps, but it was Edwards who beat out the other four in the end.

Dusenberry Martin Racing sent out this image (note the “Not Final Cover Art” tag) after his fourth place finish:

NASCAR Heat: Evolution will be released for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 13. And congratulations are also in order for Joey Logano, the actual winner of yesterday’s NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race.

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