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Asher Vollmer’s Close Castles is on hold because it’s not very enjoyable


You might not know Asher Vollmer’s name, but you certainly know his work. Vollmer was one-third of Sirvo, the impromptu development team behind the mobile blockbuster Threes. More recently, Vollmer has been working on Close Castles, a real-time strategy game for the PS4 that he says is for people who hate real-time strategy games. But right now it looks like it’s not for anybody as Vollmer has confirmed (via Twitter) that the development of Close Castles is currently on hold.

Close Castles has been set aside for now because Vollmer believes that the game isn’t very enjoyable in its current state. The developer further states that he’s “designed [himself] into a corner” and that he’ll have to “overhaul the game” before he can release it to bring it up to his standards.

In the meantime, Vollmer has begun work on a brand new mobile game that he’s not ready to talk about yet. Hopefully we’ll learn more about it (and the future of Close Castles) soon.

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Threes creator will bring Close Castles to PS4 in 2015


Asher Vollmer, the creator of the mobile game sensation Threes, has announced that his next game, Close Castles, will be released for the PS4 in 2015. According to the developer, Close Castles is a real-time strategy game for people who hate real-time strategy games:

The premise of Close Castles is simple: You and your greatest rival have built your castles WAY too close to each other. Your job is to build up your kingdom (despite the cramped quarters) while simultaneously sending out your loyal citizens to tear down the enemy’s vulnerable castle. We plan to have an amazing, harrowing story that somehow justifies the fact that all these castles were built in such proximity.

You can read a bit more about how to play Close Castles (as well as Vollmer’s deep-seated hatred for RTSs) at the PlayStation Blog. And if you plan to attend the PlayStation Experience this weekend in Las Vegas, you’ll be able to play Close Castles for yourself.

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