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Microsoft cancels Fable Legends and makes plans to close Lionhead Studios


There are big changes happening at Microsoft Games Studios this morning.

After several starts and stops over the years, Microsoft has announced plans to cease development on Fable Legends. This announcement comes just a few months after developer Lionhead Studios delayed the free-to-play title’s launch from Late 2015 to Spring 2016. Sadly, it’s not just the end for Fable Legends, Microsoft is currently in discussions with representatives from Lionhead about the proposed closure of the studio.

Microsoft also confirmed that Press Play Studios, the team behind Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Kalimba, will also close its doors. The Danish studio was working on a multiplayer survival game known as Project Knoxville, but it too will be canceled.

Microsoft released a statement about the closures through the Xbox Wire:

These have been tough decisions and we have not made them lightly, nor are they a reflection on these development teams – we are incredibly fortunate to have the talent, creativity and commitment of the people at these studios. The Lionhead Studios team has delighted millions of fans with the Fable series over the past decade. Press Play imbued the industry with a unique creative spirit behind games like Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Kalimba, which both captured passionate fans. These changes are taking effect as Microsoft Studios continues to focus its investment and development on the games and franchises that fans find most exciting and want to play.

We wish everyone at Lionhead and Press Play the best of luck in the future.

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A Day-By-Day Guide to All of 2016’s New Video Games (April – September)


The Spring and Summer months are currently less dense with new releases than the first three months of the year, but that should change fairly soon, especially since publishers have staked a claim to every week from the beginning of April to the end of June with at least one big new release dropping every seven days.

Are you ready? Because here… we… go… (more…)

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Lionhead has pushed the Fable Legends open beta back to Spring 2016

Microsoft first announced Fable Legends all the way back in 2013. The 4v1 adventure has been slowly creeping towards completion ever since and the publisher’s current plan was to release an open beta for the game before the end of the year. However, development difficulties have forced a change to that plan as it looks like the Fable Legends open beta will now be released in Spring 2016.

Creative Director David Eckelberry explained some of the challenges his team has faced in a post on the game’s official website:

Fable Legends is coming together well and it’s a lot of fun. But we think that we can make it even better. So we’ve decided to extend our closed beta to continue to listen to feedback from our players and add features and polish that will make a real difference. This means Fable Legends won’t release into open beta this holiday as previously announced. We realise this may be disappointing for those of you not currently playing, so we wanted to tell you why.

To be honest, we didn’t anticipate just how big Fable Legends is becoming. It’s simply the most ambitious game we’ve ever created at Lionhead. We’ve built a unique and innovative multiplayer experience combining RPG and RTS gameplay which allows you to play, and use your gear seamlessly, across Xbox One and Windows 10. On top of this, we’ve built a beautiful new world full of grand stories and adventures. And it’s taking more time than we thought.

Fable fans interested in joining the closed beta on the PC or Xbox One can submit an application at According to Eckelberry, more than 100,000 new invitations will be sent out over the next few weeks.

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Fable Legends will be Free-To-Play on Xbox One, PC


This is a bit of a surprise. Microsoft has announced that Fable Legends will be available as a free-to-play game on the PC and Xbox One.

According to the game’s online FAQ, Microsoft and the development team at Lionhead Studios have decided to make Fable Legends free-to-play to “open the exciting world of Fable to more players.” However, they’ve stressed that this will not make the game pay-to-win as players will be able to “play through it beginning-to-end without having to spend any money.”

So how will Microsoft make money off of Fable Legends? By selling a variety of customization options and permanent access to the game’s Heroes. Like Killer Instinct, a rotating set of characters will be available for free. But players may purchase any of the other offered Heroes at any time. And some Heroes will even be permanently unlockable through regular play. Purely cosmetic items to enhance the look of your Heroes will also be available through the Xbox Games Store or Windows Store.

If you prefer to play as the Villain, Creature characters, Traps, and Gates will also be available as separate purchases. As with Heroes, some Creature characters, Traps, and Gates can be unlocked by playing the game.

Fable Legends will be available for the PC and Xbox One sometime in 2015.

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Microsoft bringing Halo 5, Fable Legends, Battlefield Hardline, more to PAX East 2015

xboxone-logoMicrosoft will bring more than half-a-dozen games, including many of this Fall’s most anticipated Xbox One releases, to this year’s PAX East expo.

Playable demos of Halo 5: Guardians, Fable Legends, and Battlefield Hardline will feature prominently in Microsoft’s booth (#5044) alongside smaller titles like Ori and the Blind Forest, Pneuma: Breath of Life, and Swordy. Evolve, which was released last week, and ScreamRide, which will launch a few days before the expo opens, will also be playable on the show floor. Finally, Mirosoft will host a playable demo of State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition, which will have a larger presence at the Undead Labs booth (#3092).

The 2015 PAX East expo will open its doors on Friday, March 6 and will run through Sunday, March 8. More information on all of the games that will be included in Microsoft’s booth can be found after the break (and at the Xbox Wire). (more…)

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Fable Legends is a multiplayer Fable game for the Xbox One

Microsoft and Lionhead are preparing tell a new Fable on the Xbox One as they’ve announced Fable Legends at this year’s Gamescom expo. Built using Unreal Engine 4, Fable Legends is the first multiplayer game in the Fable series (not counting the Fable Heroes spinoff). Players will also be able to truly embrace evil for the first time and play as a villain who is out to thwart the heroes.

In Fable Legends, you’re never completely alone. You can play the game single player, with a party of three heroic AI companions that follow your lead through stories and adventures. Or you can play cooperatively with up to three friends and discover the game’s quests and content together. Play whatever style you want, when you want. After all, you’re the Hero. And just what kind of Hero you choose to play is up to you. Fable Legends takes you back to a time when Albion is teeming with Heroes, so there’s bound to be one for you. Fearless warriors. Cunning tricksters. Masters of Will. Paragons of virtue. Heartless mercenaries. Intoxicated brawlers. Chicken chasers. They’re all here, and many more besides. You’ll be able to customize your abilities, alter your appearance, and advance your Hero by earning experience and finding new armour, weapons, and treasures.

If you prefer to follow the dark path, Fable Legends will allow you to use “strategic decision making and tactical control” to challenge the heroes. Your villainous alter-ego will control “creatures, minions, traps, and environmental hazards” in a quest for world domination. Xbox SmartGlass support will open up even more evil opportunities.

Microsoft has yet to announce a release date for Fable Legends.

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Rumor: Sony working on PS4 games, Xbox 720 coming in 2013

New rumors from Develop have hit the Intertubes and they once again concern the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720 (or Xbox Next if you prefer).

The latest round of rumors say that several internal studios at Sony have begun work on PS4 games. Supposedly, these games are still in the very early stages, but the projects could enter “full production” if given the green light. Naturally, Sony declined to comment.

While Develop’s source didn’t delve into which of Sony’s studios were working on next-gen games, it’s probably not hard to figure out. Almost all of the company’s high-profile teams (Polyphony Digital, Sony Santa Monica, Zipper Interactive, Sucker Punch, Guerrilla Games, and Media Molecule) have yet to announce their development plans for 2012 or beyond. What could they all be working on? PS4 games of course.

A different set of sources informed the magazine that the Xbox 720 will likely make its debut at E3 2013 ahead of a Fall 2013 release.

The rumors also mentioned that Lionhead is working on Fable IV for the system. Peter Molyneux previously mentioned the next numbered Fable game at this year’s BAFTA Games Awards. But he was very careful not to announce the game’s existence or mention what system it may appear on.

But the Xbox Next seems like a pretty safe bet.

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Duke Nukem Begins, Fable IV rumored, even though both have already been announced

Who wants some?

The October 2011 issue of Official Xbox Magazine (via CVG) is spreading the rumor that Fable IV and Duke Nukem Begins are in the works at, respectively, Lionhead and Gearbox. Awesome news for fans of those franchises, but neither game is actually rumored to be in development, they’ve already been confirmed by the creators themselves.

According to OXM, Fable IV will appear in 2013 with a “proper, controller-based” game. But series creator Peter Molyneux already confirmed a “proper” Fable sequel back in March. Another Fable title, the Kinect-powered Fable: The Journey was announced at E3 and will be released in 2012.

Duke Nukem Begins has an even stranger saga. OXM relays the rumor that Gearbox will reboot the Duke Nukem franchise after they complete Aliens: Colonial Marines. But the game, then known as Duke Begins, was first revealed in a court filing when Duke Nukem Forever developer 3D Realms sued Take-Two. According to the court filing, the game was canceled, but Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick and Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford have both confirmed more Duke Nukem games are on the way. So why not start with the already begun Duke Nukem Begins?

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