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Dark Souls III envelops your very being in darkness and despair… it was also the best-selling game of April 2016


I’m sure this is a surprise to no one, but people really love the Dark Souls franchise. And according to The NPD Group (as reported by, Dark Souls III was the best-selling retail game in April 2016.

The finale to From Software’s brutally difficult trilogy beat out some stiff competition in April including the Ratchet & Clank reboot (#2), Quantum Break (#7), and Star Fox Zero (#10). MLB The Show 16 also got a boost from the opening of this year’s baseball season (#3), but it wasn’t enough to unseat the Babe Ruth of gothic action RPGs.

But even with a handful of big new releases, the retail sector as a whole suffered a huge decline from the year before, when Mortal Kombat X obliterated all expectations. “In April 2016, overall trends (hardware, new physical software, and accessories) were down 15% (or $88.5 million) compared to April 2015 due to a $41.6 million decline in hardware and a $52.8 million decline in software, with the $5.9 million growth in accessories unable to offset these losses,” said The NPD Group’s Liam Callahan.

However, Callahan added, “Despite these declines, keep in mind that Xbox One and PS4 are trending over 40% higher in cumulative sales after 30 months in the market compared to their predecessors.”

A complete look at last month’s best-selling retail games can be found after the break. (more…)

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Nintendo Download: Star Fox Zero, Star Fox Guard, Mario Party DS, more

“We need your help, Star Fox!”

Team Star Fox is back and the galaxy’s greatest heroes make their Wii U debut this week in a pair of new games. Star Fox Zero, which was co-developed by Nintendo and Platinum, pits the quartet of pilots against Andross once again. Players will get to fly the familiar Arwing and rumble into battle with the Landmaster Tank, but they’ll also be able to get behind the controls of the Walker and the Gyrowing flight drone.

Also available to download tomorrow is Star Fox Guard, a tower defense game that asks players to scan video feeds from 12 different cameras to protect Grippy Toad’s factory.

Elsewhere on the Wii U eShop, Mario Party DS is now available to purchase through the system’s Virtual Console service. Mario and company will tangle with more than 70 minigames this time around in four game modes. And The Pinball Arcade is finally available to download on the Wii U. In the works since before the console’s launch, pinball fans will no doubt flip over this news.

Finally, Dreamals is like a “river crossing problem” come to life, and Blockara is a falling block puzzler where players have to build spells with the blocks. Both are now available to download for the Wii U.

More information on all of these games can be found after the break. And don’t forget to check out the Launch Trailer for Star Fox Zero that’s been embedded up top. (more…)

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Nintendo is bringing Kirby: Planet Robobot, Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE, Metroid Prime: Federation Force, more to PAX East 2016


Nintendo will showcase five upcoming games at this weekend’s PAX East convention… unfortunately, The Legend of Zelda Wii U didn’t make the cut. However, Star Fox Zero, which will also be available in stores on April 22, did.

Congoers will also have the chance to try out a few games making their playable debut including Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE (Wii U) and a trio of 3DS games. Fans of Nintendo’s handheld will be able to try Kirby: Planet Robobot, Monster Hunter Generations, and Metroid Prime: Federation Force on the show floor for the first time. And speaking of Metroid Prime: Federation Force, Nintendo also confirmed this morning that it’ll be released on August 19.

If you’re unfamiliar with any of the games in Nintendo’s PAX East 2016 lineup, more details are available after the break. (more…)

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New Retail Releases: Star Fox Zero, Lichdom Battlemage, Zombie Vikings, More


Team Star Fox flies again with this week’s release of Star Fox Zero on the Wii U. In addition to piloting an Arwing, a Landmaster Tank, and two new vehicles (the Walker and the helicopter-like Gyrowing), players will also receive a copy of Star Fox Guard, a tower defense take on the series using the Wii U GamePad.

Also available on store shelves this week is Lichdom: Battlemage, a magical first-person game for the PS4 and Xbox One. Instead of firing shotguns and flinging grenades, players will employ elemental magic to take down their enemies and save the kingdom.

Speaking of saving the kingdom, Aksys will release Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei, a strategy RPG, for the 3DS. Players will use their tactical knowledge to explore three different branching story paths, leading to glorious victory or traitorous treason.

Finally this week, Rising Star Games will release Zombie Vikings, a multiplayer brawler, for the PS4.

We’ll be back throughout the week with a look at the newest additions to the PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store, and Wii U eShop.

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Project Guard becomes Star Fox Guard and it’ll be released on April 22

Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto first unveiled Project Guard during E3 2014. As one of the famed developer’s more experimental projects, Project Guard tasked players with positioning cameras around a castle to take out encroaching waves of enemies, similar to a tower defense game. Today, the game was re-revealed as Star Fox Guard, though players will still jump from camera-to-camera to stop hostile invaders:

Players set up 12 cameras to find and defeat enemies who are attacking the mining site of Slippy Toad’s uncle, Grippy Toad. The game includes about 100 stages, but players can also create their own stages by editing the placement of enemies and uploading their levels online.

Star Fox Guard will be released for the Wii U on April 22, and players who purchase Star Fox Zero (for $59.99) will receive it for free. However, it’ll also be available as a standalone download through the Wii U eShop for $14.99.

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The Force is with the latest Star Fox Zero trailer

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m definitely sensing a Star Wars influence buried deep in the latest trailer for Star Fox Zero. But there’s also another influence here that’s much closer to the surface and that’s Star Fox 64.

Players who step into an Arwing in Star Fox Zero will get to blast away at Andross’s forces and tangle with Star Wolf while also exploring the galaxy through a number of different branching paths, so no two playthroughs will be the same. A two-player co-op mode where one player pilots the Arwing while another mans the gunner’s seat also got a few seconds of screen time.

As part of today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage to talk a bit more about the game, as well as revealing that tapping a Star Fox Amiibo figure will unlock the original Arwing from 1993’s Star Fox.

Jointly developed by Nintendo and Platinum Games, Star Fox Zero will be released exclusively for the Wii U on April 22.

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A Day-By-Day Guide to All of 2016’s New Video Games (April – September)


The Spring and Summer months are currently less dense with new releases than the first three months of the year, but that should change fairly soon, especially since publishers have staked a claim to every week from the beginning of April to the end of June with at least one big new release dropping every seven days.

Are you ready? Because here… we… go… (more…)

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Star Fox Zero will launch on April 22, 2016

Fans were definitely disappointed when Nintendo announced that Star Fox Zero would not be released in 2015 as originally planned. But the publisher seems to be using the extra time wisely and announced today that the game will launch exclusively for the Wii U on April 22, 2016.

The good news was revealed as part of today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, which also included a nice new trailer. It’s been embedded above so you can reintroduce yourselves to Star Fox, Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, and Slippy Toad.

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