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Super Impossible Road brings racing without a net to the PS4

I have put a ridiculous amount of time into the mobile version of Impossible Road. Its procedurally-generated track stretches on forever and hurtling your little marble off the edge to skip a huge portion of track is hold-your-breath exciting.

But Impossible Road is about to get even more impossible as developer Wonderful Lasers has announced the game will be released on the PS4 as Super Impossible Road. The console version will add a four-player splitscreen mode and a futuristic new presentation as the the leaderboard competition found in the mobile version has been dropped in favor of a multi-marble race down the roller coaster-like track. But developer Kevin Ng told the PlayStation Blog that players will still be able to jump ahead of their opponents by going over the edge:

The shortcut rule is simple. When you leave the track, you have around five seconds to touch down again, otherwise the screen will white out and you will re-spawn. And you’ll be re-spawned back at the last gate you went through, so you’d better make sure to roll through a gate here and there on the way down. It’s a simple system to understand, but it adds a lot of depth and strategy to race management.

Think of it as “Rainbow Road: The Game” and you’ll have a pretty good idea how Super Impossible Road works.

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