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Warp Zoned’s 2014 Golden Pixel Awards: Honoring Our Favorite Games


With the PS4 and Xbox One entering their first full year on store shelves, 2014 turned out to be a bit of a transition year. A lot of games were delayed into 2015 and a few others were delayed even further. With the other two consolemakers taking a step back in 2014, it was Nintendo’s time to shine and the wizards behind the Wii U responded with nearly a dozen major titles. But that doesn’t mean the PS4 and the Xbox One (or the PS3 and Xbox 360, for that matter) went hungry in 2014.

There were plenty of great games to go around last year and you can read all about them as we hand out our annual Golden Pixel Awards… (more…)

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Listen to Transistor’s full soundtrack right now

Supergiant’s Bastion built its post-apocalyptic story on the back of an amazing soundtrack composed by Darren Korb and featuring vocals by Ashley Barrett. The duo got the band back together for the developer’s sophomore outing, Transistor, which was released for the PC and PS4 on Tuesday.

Transistor’s soundtrack is now available to purchase through the Supergiant Store, but if you’d prefer to give it a listen first, the developer has posted the entire album on YouTube. Once again, Korb’s music and Barrett’s vocals come together to create some of the best video game music that money can buy (or stream for free, in this case).

While Supergiant wants everyone to experience the game’s soundtrack, they did say that prospective listeners might be better off playing the game first: “We highly recommend playing through the game before listening to the soundtrack, since the soundtrack is deeply connected to the game’s story.” But if you’re ready to dive in, I recommend jumping straight to “We All Become,” the song used in Transistor’s debut trailer.

You can read more of Darren Korb’s thoughts on the process behind Transistor’s soundtrack at the PlayStation Blog.

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PS Store Today: Transistor, Wolfenstein: New Order, Drakengard 3, more


This is the week your PlayStation 4 has been waiting for. OK, maybe it’s just the week that my (hypothetical) PlayStation 4 has been waiting for. Either way, there are two very cool PS4 games available for purchase through the PlayStation Store as of today.

Supergiant’s Transistor is a sci-fi action RPG and the followup to their blockbuster breakthrough, Bastion. If you’d rather blast mecha-enhanced Nazis in the face with a bazooka, you may want to check out Wolfenstein: The New Order. The latest entry in the venerable FPS franchise is the debut project from MachineGames. And from the looks of it, they’re going to be around for a long time.

But if you’re a PS3 owner, don’t worry, there’s plenty more for you this week, including your own version of Wolfenstein: The New Order. However, fans of quirky Japanese RPGs will be most satisfied with this week’s PS3 slate as NIS America released Mugen Souls Z, Square Enix released Drakengard 3, and Atlus re-released Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga.

More information about all of these games and more (including a quintet of import PS1 Classics) can be found after the break. And a complete rundown of this week’s new game add-ons can be found at the PlayStation Blog. (more…)

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Transistor launch trailer unmasks four villains ahead of May 20 release

Transistor will be available to download for the PC (through Steam) and PS4 next week. Supergiant Games has kept quiet about much of the game since it was announced last Spring, but a newly released launch trailer has shed a little more light on the hybrid action/strategy RPG.

Narrated by the Transistor itself (Logan Cunnignham, also the voice that guides the player in Supergiant’s Bastion), four faces are introduced as the villains of the piece for the first time. These characters don’t have names yet, but their inclusion gives a deeper look into Transistor’s dystopian world.

According to Supergiant’s Greg Kasavin, the shroud of secrecy around Transistor was deliberate. Speaking to the PlayStation Blog, he said: “Our feeling is that the less you know going into a game like Transistor, the more likely it is to surprise you. And we think experiencing genuine surprise is one of the rarest and most pleasurable sensations that games can provide.”

Kasavin also used the PS Blog post to tease Transistor’s Recursion Mode, a “New Game Plus” mode that opens after the player completes the story. In Recursion Mode, players will retain their User Level and Transistor Customization while experiencing a completely different resistance from enemies and “some new surprises” in the game itself.

Recursion Mode… a Second Quest if you will.

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Supergiant’s Transistor will be released on May 20


Supergiant Games has announced that Transistor, their followup to Bastion, will be released for the PC and PS4 on May 20. The developer has also announced that the science fiction-styled action RPG will carry a price of $19.99.

Supergiant plans to bring a “near-final build” of Transistor to this weekend’s PAX East convention and you can check a trio of new screenshots from this version of the game at their official website.

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Transistor soundtrack is done, is the game far behind?


Ashley Barrett, the soulful singer behind many of Bastion‘s great tunes (and the voice of Zia) has revealed, via Twitter, that the soundtrack for Supergiant’s next game, Transistor, has been completed:

Transistor, like Bastion before it, was composed by Supergiant’s Darren Korb. Barrett will, once again, provide the vocals for almost all of the songs as well as voice the game’s main character, Red. We still don’t have a release date for Transistor, but after the completion of the soundtrack, it shouldn’t be too far off now.

Supergiant plans to bring the game, which is in development for the PC and PS4, to this year’s PAX East expo.

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Supergiant’s Transistor will be playable at PAX East 2014


Supergiant Games has confirmed that Transistor will be playable at this year’s PAX East expo:

Transistor made its public debut during last year’s PAX East show. In addition to touting one of the longest lines of the entire expo, the game’s booth featured visits from Logan Cunningham (the voice behind the titular Transistor), Darren Korb (Supergiant’s in-house music man), and lead developer Greg Kasavin during the weekend. In June, Sony revealed that Transistor would exclusively launch on the PC and PS4 in early 2014.

While we know that Transistor will be playable at PAX East 2014, whoever is behind Supergiant’s Twitter feed has so far ignored tweets asking if the game will be released before or after April 11, the first day of the convention.

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Transistor PAX Prime 2013 Impressions: The Impossible Elegance of Supergiant Games


Any fan of the hit indie game Bastion already knows the name Supergiant Games, and is probably already following their latest work of art, Transistor. In fact, Warp Zoned’s very own John Scalzo played Transistor at PAX East, and he had nothing but wonderful things to say about it. I played it at PAX Prime, after the game had been announced for the PlayStation 4, and I was ecstatic at the gameplay (and at getting my hands on a DualShock 4). I loved Transistor so much that I went straight home from Seattle and immediately began playing Bastion, from start to finish, over the course of three days. All it did was make me wish it was 2014 already so I could play the rest of Transistor. (more…)

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