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Sucker Punch unveils Ghost of Tsushima… New trailer for Detroit: Become Human revealed

Sony is taking over Paris Games Week with a barrage of new trailers and game announcements. Dozens of games are on display as part of the French game convention, including Sucker Punch’s next project and the highly-anticipated Detroit: Become Human.

You can find new trailers for both games after the break. (more…)

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Detroit: Become Human won’t be released until 2018

GameSpot got up with Quantic Dreams’s David Cage during last week’s E3 Expo, and they got the developer to admit that Detroit: Become Human won’t be released this year.

Back in January, Sony teased a possible 2017 launch for Detroit, but it looks like that’s definitely not happening now. When asked by GameSpot, Cage said, “We’ve not announced a date, but it’s going to be next year.”

Cage also touches on how Detroit focuses on “real-world issues” in the interview, as well as what players who weren’t fans of Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls might get out of it.

Detroit: Become Human is in development exclusively for the PS4, and

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Sony @ E3 2017: Marcus is the star of Detroit: Become Human’s latest Gameplay Trailer

During Sony’s E3 Press Conference, the publisher showed off a new trailer for Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human, which gave us a better idea of the game’s story. This trailer introduced audiences to another renegade android, Marcus, who becomes self-aware and leads a revolt with his fellow androids.

As shown in the trailer, Detroit: Become Human will feature drastic decisions with game-changing events. However, we still don’t know when the game is slated to hit the PS4, as no release date was announced.

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Sony shines a spotlight on what’s coming to PS4 in 2017 including Detroit: Become Human

PlayStation Europe definitely kicked the year off right after they unveiled a new video highlighting the many exclusives coming to the PS4 in 2017.

In addition to games such as Gran Turismo Sport, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and the PaRappa The Rapper remaster, the sizzle reel also includes a glimpse of Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human, which had previously been tagged with a “TBA” release date.

Here’s the full list of games featured in the video:

Coming to PS4 in 2017

  • Detroit: Become Human
  • Drawn To Death
  • Dreams
  • Farpoint
  • Gran Turismo Sport
  • Gravity Rush 2 (January 20)
  • Hellblade
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn (February 28)
  • Knack 2
  • Matterfall
  • MLB The Show 17 (March 28)
  • New Hot Shots Golf
  • Nex Machina
  • Nier: Automata (March 7)
  • Nioh (February 7)
  • Persona 5 (April 4)
  • PaRappa The Rapper
  • Pyre
  • Starblood Arena
  • Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy
  • Wipeout: Omega Collection
  • World of Warriors
  • Yakuza 0 (January 24)

The first big event of the 2017 “Video Game Calendar” will be PAX South, which will be held in San Antonio beginning on January 27. We’ll surely hear more about at least a few of these games then.

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Sony delivers another look at Detroit: Become Human during E3 2016

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human, but the PS4 game isn’t just about an android named Kara anymore.

Detroit: Become Human will also star an android police detective named Connor. In this E3 2016 trailer, Connor tries to stop another android who has taken a human child hostage, and there appears to be a lot of different outcomes depending on player choice. It almost looks like a futuristic, Heavy Rain meets LA Noire meets Blade Runner game.

Detroit: Become Human doesn’t currently have a release date.

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Quantic Dream’s “Kara” tech demo is officially in development for the PS4 as Detroit

Do you remember Kara, the amazing tech demo released by Quantic Dream in 2012? At the time, the developer was adamant in their assertion that Kara wouldn’t be their next project. And they kept their word, releasing Beyond: Two Souls for the PS3 in 2013. However, it looks like Kara’s story isn’t finished, as the android will star in Quantic Dream’s first game for the PS4, Detroit.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, developer David Cage talked a bit about Detroit, which will feature Kara’s awakening as a new kind of artificial intelligence and what ramifications that might have for humanity:

[W]e imagined our world in a near future where androids like Kara would look, speak, and move like real human beings. We wondered how we — humans — would react if we were confronted with a new form of intelligence, how androids conceived as machines would be perceived if they started to have emotions.

We didn’t want to do another story on AI (there are already so many great ones), we wanted to talk about what it means to be human and what it would be like to be in the shoes of an android discovering our world and their own emotions…

Detroit is currently without a release date, but its debut trailer has been embedded above. Take my advice, drop everything you’re doing and watch it right now.

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Quantic Dream reveals “Kara” tech demo, but it’s NOT their next game

Quantic Dream (and it’s founder, David Cage) is known for thinking outside the box. With the development of their most recent game, Heavy Rain, they created a title that was unlike almost anything else on the market at the time. It won a ton of awards and is the driving force between the fundamental different between the PS3 and the Xbox 360 as platforms.

Since then, we haven’t heard much from the company. But now they’re back and they’ve created a brand new engine and performance-capture procedure to power their next title. The video above, Kara, is the result of a test of their new engine. But it is NOT Quantic Dream’s next title. Which is too bad, because Kara’s world sounds extremely interesting.

Kara may not be a game, but it is a fine piece of short filmmaking. Just be sure and have a box of tissues ready.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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