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WB Games plans to release expansion sets for Lego Dimensions until “at least” 2018


Lego Dimensions is available on store shelves today, but WB Games has huge plans to keep the game fresh over the next few years. In fact, a developer at TT Games recently told Eurogamer that the publisher is working on an expansion schedule that will stretch out to 2018… at least:

“We have a three year plan at the moment and we’ve got no intention of stopping there,” associate producer Mark Warburton told Eurogamer during an interview conducted at EGX.

“We’ve created the technology to the degree that we’re happy it meets our needs for the future. We’ve created the toy pad so that it shouldn’t need to be updated. And we can just create new level and character packs to keep expanding that.”

In the more immediate term, WB Games will release dozens of Lego Dimensions expansion packs during the remainder of this year and into 2016. A number of them, collectively known as Wave 1, are available on store shelves right now. Wave 2 will be out in December, with the third, fourth, and fifth Waves following in, respectively, January, March, and May of 2016. That is a lot of Legos.

Great Scott! Heavy! Zoinks! Timey-Wimey! D’oh! Spared No Expense! And Such…

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A launch trailer for Lego Dimensions jumps into view ahead of next week’s launch

Lego Dimensions is just a week away and WB Games has given us one final look at it in the launch trailer embedded above. It features a lot of the same stuff we’ve seen from the game before including various scenes of Batman, Gandalf, and Scooby-Doo being awesome. But we also get two seconds of Bart Simpson on a Hoverboard… so that’s definitely something new!

Lego Dimensions will be available this Sunday, September 27, on the PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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New Releases: Lego Dimensions, FIFA 16, NBA 2K16, More


Sport fans should gather up their foam fingers and beer hats once more as the soccer shenanigans of FIFA 16 and the raucous roundball of NBA 2K16 will both arrive on store shelves this week for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Blood Bowl II, and its fantastical version of football, will be available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

But if you’re a Lego fan, the release of Lego Dimensions is likely a much bigger deal this week. Mashing together more than a dozen media franchises, Lego Dimensions could very well be the ultimate Lego game. Developer TT Games has clearly come a long way since 2005’s Lego Star Wars. Sadly, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker won’t be part of the magic, but characters from DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, Scooby-Doo, The Simpsons, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, and many, many others will appear in the PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One game.

Finally this week, 3DS owners will get to play decorator as Nintendo will release Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for the handheld system. It will launch alongside a new range of Amiibo-powered cards and a New 3DS + Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Bundle.

All of this week’s new releases are available in a handy list format after the break. (more…)

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WB Games spared no expense when hiring the voice cast for Lego Dimensions

If Richard Attenborough were still alive, I think WB Games would have hired him to gleefully exclaim that the publisher spared no expense when assembling the voice cast for Lego Dimensions. Unfortunately, the great actor passed away last year. But just try to picture the giant sacks of money it must have required to secure the services of this talented ensemble anyway…

Michael J. Fox (as Marty McFly) and Christopher Lloyd (as Doc Brown) will reprise their roles from the Back to the Future trilogy. Several actors from another 1980s favorite, Ghostbusters, will also get a chance to cross the streams and interact with the rest of the cast. And speaking of g-g-ghosts, Matthew Lillard (as Shaggy) will ride with Scooby-Doo in the Mystery Machine.

Chris Pratt will pull double duty in the game as Emmet from The Lego Movie and Owen Grady from Jurassic World. He’ll be joined by Elizabeth Banks (as Wyldstyle), Alison Brie (as Unikitty), and Charlie Day (as Benny) from The Lego Movie, but don’t think his Jurassic World co-stars turned down this chance. Bryce Dallas Howard (as Claire Dearing), Irrfan Khan (as Simon Masrani), Nick Robinson (as Zach, one of the kids), and Ty Simpkins (as Gray, the other kid) will fight dinosaurs one more time.

“Who” else could be joining the game? How about Peter Capaldi (as the Twelfth Doctor), Jenna Coleman (as Clara Oswald), and Michelle Gomez (as Missy) from Doctor Who… Best of all, they’re not coming alone. Every actor who has played the Doctor (including David Tenant, Matt Smith, Christopher Eccleston, Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, Peter Davison, Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton, and William Hartnell) will lend his voice (or archival audio for the deceased actors) to Lego Dimensions.

The DC Universe will be represented by Troy Baker (as Batman), Tara Strong (as Harley Quinn), Laura Bailey (as Wonder Woman), and Travis Willingham (as Superman). Meanwhile, WB Games has recruited two members of the Fellowship from The Lord of the Rings: Tom Kane (as Gandalf) and Sean Astin (as Samwise Gamgee). Several cast members from The Simpsons will also drop by as part of the game’s trip to Springfield.

Lego Dimensions includes a lot of portals, so Stephen Merchant (as Wheatley), Ellen McLain (as GLaDOS), and J.K. Simmons (as Cave Johnson) from Portal 2 should fit right in. Nolan North is also around (in a currently unknown role) because you can’t assemble a video game voice cast in 2015 without including Nolan North. I think it’s a union rule or something…

Finally, two original characters, Joel McHale (as your robotic guide, X-PO) and Gary Oldman (as the villainous Lord Vortech), will help propel the plot of Lego Dimensions forward.

Lego Dimensions will be released for the PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on September 27.

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Star Wars: Battlefront is crowned Best of Gamescom at Gamescom 2015


Heeding the words of Yoda (“Do… or do not. There is no try.”), Electronic Arts and DICE pulled out all the stops to win to five awards for Star Wars: Battlefront at Gamescom 2015, including the coveted “Best of Gamescom” title. The game also took home “Best Console Game – PS4,” “Best PC Games,” “Best Online Multiplayer Game,” and the “Most Wanted Consumer Award.” Strangely, Germany’s Digital Gaming Culture Foundation (Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur) didn’t even nominate it in the “Best Console Game – Xbox One” category.

Other multi-award winners at the 2015 Gamescom Awards include Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (“Best Console Game – Xbox One” and “Best Action Game”), FM6 (“Best Racing Game” and “Best Simulation Game”), and Super Mario Maker (“Best Console Game – Wii U” and “Best Social / Casual / Online Game”).

Not to be forgotten, the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, produced in conjunction with Valve, won for “Best Hardware / Peripheral.”

The full list of this year’s winners can be found after the break. (more…)

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Star Wars: Battlefront has captured the most nominations at 2015 Gamescom Awards


Germany’s Digital Gaming Culture Foundation (Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur) has announced the nominees for this year’s Gamescom Awards… and Star Wars: Battlefront has Force Pushed its way to the top of the pack. DICE’s shooter sequel was able to collection four nominations including “Best Console Game – PlayStation 4,” “Best PC Game,” “Best Action Game,” and “Best Online Multiplayer Game.”

Battlefront was able to move slightly ahead of the pack, as a small handful of games received three nominations apiece. Final Fantasy XV, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Super Mario Maker, Skylanders SuperChargers, and Guitar Hero Live are all up for three awards.

Even if you’re not one of the jury members for the Gamescom Awards, you can have an influence on the results. The general public can vote for any game on display at the expo for a Most Wanted Consumer Award using the Gamescom app.

The winners of this year’s Gamescom Awards will be announced on August 7. The full list of nominees can be found after the break. (more…)

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The “Official Story Trailer” for Lego Dimensions is absolutely bonkers

  • The Riddler riding a Balrog!
  • Gandalf riding a hoverboard!
  • Marty McFly fighting evil with “The Power of Love”!
  • The Batman from the Lego Batman games arguing with the Batman from The Lego Movie!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Lego Dimensions “Official Story Trailer” has it all! This absolutely ridiculous look at WB Games’s massive crossover project seems to includes everything that made TT Games’s previous Lego projects great. But if the official plot description is anything to go by, there’s a lot more insanity to come:

In the game, there is an ancient planet at the center of the Lego Multiverse inhabited by an evil mastermind, Lord Vortech. It is said that he who controls the Foundational Elements that this planet is built upon, controls all of the Multiverse. Lord Vortech has vowed to be that ruler, summoning characters from a variety of Lego worlds to help him find these building bricks of Lego civilization. Some have agreed, others have rebelled, and only the combined powers of the greatest Lego heroes can stop him.

Lego Dimensions will mix together 14 Lego worlds including DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, The Wizard of Oz, Back to the Future, Scooby-Doo, Doctor Who, Jurassic World, Ghostbusters, The Simpsons, Portal, Lego Ninjago, Lego Chima, and The Lego Movie. WB Games will also add characters from Midway Arcade to the action, and if that means that I get to play as Lego Sub-Zero I will lose my freakin’ mind.

Lego Dimensions will be released for the PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on September 27.

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Shaggy and Batman discuss vehicular weaponry in the latest Lego Dimensions trailer

Have you ever wanted to eavesdrop on a conversation between Batman and Shaggy about the offensive capabilities of a certain mysterious machine? Well, you finally get your chance in the latest Lego Dimensions trailer, which has been embedded above.

The crossover game will include characters from dozens of different franchises when it launches on September 27 for the PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. A huge number of Lego playsets that’ll add new levels and content to the game will also be available throughout the Fall.

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