Kickstart This! Pine

Those of you who were hoping for a game based around the life of Star Trek captain and Wonder Woman love interest Chris Pine are going to be sorely disappointed, and then pleasantly surprised, with Pine. This Kickstarter campaign launched just as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizons: Zero Dawn landed on shelves, reinvigorating the open world adventure genre, and leaving gamers ready to embark on another big quest. Pine limits its open world by setting it on an island, a smart design choice for an indie open world game, but more intriguingly, it asks the question, “What if man never made it to the top of the food chain?”

Let’s find out!

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Daily Scoop: March 23, 2017 – So many Zelda shirts!

I’ve been trying to decide what game to start next after beating Firewatch, but I’m just not sure where to start. I still have a big pile but it’s too intimidating to choose! Plus, Persona 5 comes out soon, so I don’t want to get into too big of a commitment. Decisions, decisions!

There are some great deals happening at the Humble Store! Get Just Cause 3 XL Edition for $21.49, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for $17.99, Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition for $9.99, or Life Is Strange for $4.99.

Over at Steam, the Weekend Deal is on the Metro franchise. Get Metro 2033 Redux for $4.99, Metro: Last Light Redux for $4.99, or both games for $6.00. Today’s Daily Deal is Punch Club. Get the game for $2.49, or the deluxe version with the OST and artbook for $3.49.

There are a ton of shirts today. Hit the jump to see them all!

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Injustice 2’s “Shattered Alliances Part 3” trailer features Supergirl and Black Adam

Injustice 2‘s “Shattered Alliances” Story Trailer saga continued today with the release of Part 3, featuring Supergirl and the never-before-seen Black Adam. All the way back when it first was announced, NetherRealm Studios promised that Supergirl would play a huge role in Injustice 2’s story. Now we know that Kara Zor-El wants to help Superman seek redemption for the crimes committed by his Regime. Unfortunately, Black Adam is standing in her way.

Black Adam was a playable character in the original Injustice, and he once again brings the power of the Egyptian gods to the sequel (along with a rather impressive Super Move).

Injustice 2 will be released for the PS4 and Xbox One on May 16.

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Nintendo Download: Mario Sports Superstars, Has-Been Heroes, New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers, more

Between the Final Four, the Masters, the NFL Draft, and Opening Day, sports fans are always busy busy busy during March and April. And it’s no different in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Beginning tomorrow, 3DS owners will be able to download Mario Sports Superstars from the Nintendo eShop. The package includes all your favorite outdoor activities including baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, and horse racing. And a new series of Amiibo Cards will give players the chance to bulk up their team without resorting to illegal steroids.

The Switch is also in line to receive several new games this week, including the action/strategy roguelike Has-Been Heroes. Published by GameStop’s GameTrust label, Has-Been Heroes follows a group of knights who have to escort a pair of princesses to a far off academy. It’ll be available to download on Tuesday, March 28.

Switch owners won’t have to wait that long to download New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers… it was added to the Nintendo eShop earlier today. The town-building sim will take players back to frontier times, tasking them with building a bustling metropolis on an empty piece of land.

You can more more about this week’s new additions to the Nintendo eShop (including even more games for the 3DS, Switch, and Wii U) after the break.

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Super Mario Run Version 2.0 now available for Android and iOS devices

Even though the official release date for Super Mario Run‘s Android debut is March 23, Nintendo just announced that its now available download on the popular mobile platform a day early.

Along with launching Super Mario Run on Android devices, Nintendo has also updated the app to Version 2.0.0. Players new and old will now be able to unlock a quartet of new colors for Yoshi (purple, yellow, blue, and red), which they can use to better impress Toads of that particular color.

Version 2.0.0 includes a number of enhancements for players using the Free Version of Super Mario Run. It’s now possible to unlock World 1-4 in the Free Version by completing one of “Bowser’s Challenges,” and players who complete World 1-4 will receive access to additional courses in Toad Rally.

All players will be happy to learn that Nintendo has also made it easier to earn Rally Tickets, and new buildings will soon be available as part of an upcoming in-game event.

You can read the full update for yourself after the break.

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It Came From 200X: Spider-Man

The tail-end of the 90s wasn’t a great time for superhero games. With the likes of Superman 64, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, and Spawn: The Eternal clogging store shelves, the average comic geek had few options for playable superheroics. That is, until Neversoft and Activision took it upon themselves to create one of the best comic book-based games of all time: Spider-Man!

Okay, so the title is lazy — but it also set the expectation that gamers could finally become Spider-Man like no previous video game could achieve. Launching in 2000 for the Sony PlayStation (with ports appearing over the next 12 months on the Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, and PC), this game oozed authenticity from minute one. From the very beginning, we were living an adventure narrated by Stan Lee, hanging out with the acrobatic Black Cat, swinging by the famous Baxter Building (home of the Fantastic Four), and putting an end to a daring bank robbery.

It was, quite frankly, a revelation. Suddenly, superhero games didn’t have to be cheap cash-ins like all of those terrible movie-based atrocities. There were a few pioneers on earlier consoles, to be sure — Batman on NES and Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage for SNES/Sega Genesis come to mind — but this gem captured my imagination like no other. However, does it hold up to those sugary-sweet memories in these darker modern times?

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Xbox Store Today: Mass Effect Andromeda, This Is the Police, Troll and I, more

We dream of exploring the unknown, discovering what lies beyond.

It’s time to explore the furthest reaches of space once again with Mass Effect: Andromeda. Electronic Arts and BioWare have launched the fourth entry in the sci-fi franchise, and it’s now available to download for the Xbox One. Humanity needs a hero, and players will explore the mysterious and uncharted Andromeda Galaxy in Mass Effect: Andromeda in hopes of ensuring our survival.

Also available to download for the Xbox One today is This Is the Police, a 70s-set police drama that asks players to take on the role of “gritty” Police Chief Jack Boyd. Jack is nearing retirement, and he way he maneuvers the “ugly underbelly” of Freeburg will determine his future.

Finally today, Xbox One owners will also be able to download a story of a boy and his troll (Troll and I), as well as the adventures of a working class astronaut (Blue-Collar Astronaut).

More information on all of these games can be found after the break.

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Daily Scoop: March 22, 2017 – The Scoop Returns!

Well, it’s been a long and incredible couple of weeks! I went to PAX East, finished up all my grad school work, got a new full time job, and went to UnPub 7! There have been so many changes and I’m still just trying to keep ahead of it all! But now I’m back, and it’s time for me to bring back the Daily Scoop!

There are some games available in the Humble Streaming Software Bundle. Pay $1 or more to get Quiplash and Choice Chamber. Beat the average to get Drawful 2. Both of those levels, and the $12 level, also include other sofware, including MAGIX Fastcut and FaceRig Pro.

Over at Steam, the Midweek Madness is on Spore. Get the game by itself for $4.99, or get it in a bundle with two DLC packs for $10.02. The Daily Deal is Death Road to Canada, which you can get for $10.04.

Hit the jump to see today’s collection of shirts!

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