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The A-Z of E3 2017: Warp Zoned’s Full Recap of Gaming’s Biggest Showcase

The 2017 E3 Expo was one of firsts. It was the first time that gaming’s biggest showcase was open to the public, and the first time that developers sat down for panel discussions in the E3 Coliseum.

It was also a show of firsts for us here at Warp Zoned. We premiered the first two episodes of our Content Crash podcast (Episode #1: The Eve of E3 2017 and Episode #2: The E3 2017 Recap), and asked “So Did Anyone “Win” the 2017 E3 Expo?” for the first time.

But we also got our first glimpse at how the game industry will be shaping up this Fall and into 2018. The Xbox One X is going to make everything a little prettier, but Nintendo wants to make everything a little weirder. And Sony just wants to make all our Spider-Man dreams come true. So read on for a full recap of this year’s E3 Expo, and to learn more about what we thought of this year’s biggest games-to-be. (more…)

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343 Industries has no plans to unveil Halo 6 in 2017

Microsoft doesn’t want to talk about the far-flung future right now. All the games on display at the consolemaker’s E3 Press Conference are set to launch fairly soon, and that meant there was no room to talk about Halo 6 on gaming’s big stage.

According to Jeff Easterling, “GrimBrother One” at 343 Industries, that stance won’t be changing anytime soon. Writing on Halo Waypoint, Easterling revealed that Microsoft and 343 Industries have no plans to talk about Halo 6 at all this year:

That being said, for some people – like most who are still reading this blog – the Xbox media briefing was bandied about as much for what it didn’t show, as what it did. Specifically, a new (or old-made-new) Halo title. For some folks, their despair stemmed from a lack of remastered fight-finishing. I know I know, we should have told you ahead of time to not expect anything like that. Others were hoping for a tease of things farther off to come. While there’s little to nothing that can be said on that front, it’s been made clear that we won’t be talking about Halo’s next major title for quite some time. And no, that doesn’t mean Gamescom. Or PAX. Trust us, when we’re ready to begin pulling back that proverbial curtain, you’ll know. It won’t be soon.

Halo Wars 2was released earlier this year, and is the most recent addition to the vast Halo franchise. A new expansion for Halo Wars 2, Awakening the Nightmare, was unveiled at E3 2017, and it’ll be available this Fall.

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Detroit: Become Human won’t be released until 2018

GameSpot got up with Quantic Dreams’s David Cage during last week’s E3 Expo, and they got the developer to admit that Detroit: Become Human won’t be released this year.

Back in January, Sony teased a possible 2017 launch for Detroit, but it looks like that’s definitely not happening now. When asked by GameSpot, Cage said, “We’ve not announced a date, but it’s going to be next year.”

Cage also touches on how Detroit focuses on “real-world issues” in the interview, as well as what players who weren’t fans of Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls might get out of it.

Detroit: Become Human is in development exclusively for the PS4, and

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Content Crash #2: The E3 2017 Recap

Welcome to the second episode of the Content Crash podcast. I am your host, Dan Hartnack, and I am here this time with my friend, Keno Eastmond.

We just had a huge week wrapping up, [Thursday] was the last day of E3 2017 and there was a lot to get to. We had the conferences starting all the way back on Saturday with EA, and then Microsoft Sunday, Bethesda Sunday, and then a whole bunch on Monday including Sony, the PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft, and wrap it all up with Nintendo on Tuesday. And then, you know, little things in-between.

I think it was a pretty packed show for the most part. There was a lot of things I liked. But anyway, we’re just going to get into it, and go down the line to discuss what we saw at each conference. We’ve got a lot of games… it was all about the games this year… as it should be every year…

Quick Rundown

  • 2:00 – Electronic Arts
  • 8:45 – Microsoft
  • 26:38 – Bethesda
  • 38:20 – Devolver Digital
  • 40:54 – PC Gaming Show
  • 51:42 – Ubisoft
  • 1:00:55 – Sony
  • 1:14:50 – Nintendo
  • 1:20:25 – The Rest of E3

You can subscribe to the Content Crash podcast on YouTube or SoundCloud.

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So Did Anyone “Win” the 2017 E3 Expo?

E3 2017 proved to be something of a musical affair, with every company trying to out-do the others in audio superiority. Microsoft had a mournful piano solo to accompany the reveal of Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Ubisoft had a drumline. EA also had a drumline. Sony kicked their Press Conference off with a bizarre melody of Indian music and light projections on a waterfall. And halfway through its show, an android introduced the trailer for Detroit: Become Human with the voice of an angel.

Usually, you can add the question, “who won E3,” to this aural bombardment. And just as often, it is a question without an answer. But what about this year? Let’s find out. (more…)

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The first downloadable character for Arms is Max Brass… and he’s coming next month

The Switch’s game library grew by one earlier today when Nintendo unleashed Arms on the gaming public. The springy-armed boxing game is absolutely brimming with style, and Nintendo plans to add even more characters to the game in the coming months.

On that note, Nintendo announced this week that the first addition to Arms’s roster of playable fighters will be Max Brass, an “all-around fighter” who is “basically the greatest champion in the history of the Arms Grand Prix.” Basically, you can think of Max Brass as the Michael Jordan of the Arms Grand Prix, especially since he serves as the final boss in the game’s single-player mode. Also, and I cannot stress this enough, his arms are made out of championship belts.

You can get a glimpse at Max Brass in action by fast-forwarding to 22:40 in the video embedded above.

Max Brass will be available to download in Arms (for free) as part of the July update. Nintendo is also hoping to add a Spectator Mode to the game as part of the first free update, which should be available sometime in the next weeks.

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Get your first look at Call of Duty: WWII’s multiplayer in a new trailer and 30-minute livestream

It looks like Activision’s desire to take the Call of Duty franchise back to the beginning in Call of Duty: WWII also applies to the game’s multiplayer online. A new trailer released during this year’s E3 Expo showcases a mode that is very realistic and down-to-earth… while also being packed full of epic setpieces and explosions aplenty.

I’ll let Kevin Kelly, of the Activision Games Blog, relay more information about Call of Duty: WWII’s multiplayer options:

Divisions fundamentally redefines how players invest in their Multiplayer career. This is a reimagining of the create-a-class system, and players will choose from five iconic World War II divisions each with specific division training and division weapon skills. This streamlined approach to Multiplayer gives players the ability to reinforce their individual play styles while dominating the enemy in some of the most iconic locations of the world’s largest conflict.

  • Infantry Division riflemen are always in the thick of it with finely-tuned rifles and impeccable marksmanship.
  • Well-equipped with incendiary rounds and tactical grenades, the Expeditionary Division’s shotguns literally pack heat.
  • Airborne Division paratroopers endure extreme physical conditioning to outmaneuver opponents with their submachine guns.
  • Focused on stealth and target identification, Mountain Division snipers generate constant fear in the enemy and strike when least expected.
  • Armored Division soldiers are the best supplied in battle and hold down positions with their explosives and light machine guns.

Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer marks an exciting return to the franchise’s World War II roots and combat that defined the franchise. Prepare for fast-paced, grounded action with an arsenal of iconic weapons and equipment in the fight to liberate a continent in the throes of tyranny. Call of Duty: WWII immerses players in the brutal gameplay of history’s largest conflict.

Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer offers players true franchise innovations across the entire experience with brand new ways to connect, compete and engage as a community. Divisions redefines how players develop their WWII Multiplayer Careers by enlisting in five iconic WWII-era divisions. War Mode lets players compete against each other in team-driven, objective gameplay. And Headquarters is a transformational new experience that will connect players like never before.

War Mode
War is an all-new game mode where players must work as a team to defeat the enemy. This narrative-driven Multiplayer experience immerses players in iconic World War II locations. Allied and Axis forces clash in team-driven assault and defend missions for key strategic objectives. We’ll be taking a deep dive into this new mode very soon, so stay tuned!

If you’re itching to try out Call of Duty: WWII’s multiplayer modes, don’t worry, Activision will launch a Closed Beta this Summer on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. PS4 players who pre-order the game will get the first crack at the test phase from August 25 through August 28. The Closed Beta’s second round will begin on September 1, and it’ll add in players who pre-ordered the game on the Xbox One. Activision will announce Closed Beta dates for PC users at a later time.

And finally, the latest Making of Call of Duty livestream also focuses on multiplayer, and you can dig deeper into the game’s online modes with host Alison Haislip after the break. (more…)

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Superhot and Superhot VR will be available for PS4 this Summer

Team Superhot slowed down the first person shooter genre in 2016 with Superhot, their game where “Times Only Moves When You Move.” Earlier this week, they confirmed the game will make its debut on the PS4 this Summer, and it’ll be bundled with Superhot VR, its VR-focused spinoff.

Team Superhot’s Tom Kaczmarczyk relayed the good news on the PlayStation Blog:

Superhot is the FPS where time moves only when you do. We started building it over three years ago and with lots of outstanding support from Kickstarter and the gaming community, we rolled it out for PC last year to raving reviews and critical acclaim. It was immediately picked up and touted as the most disrupting thing in the genre, proving that there was still more to be discovered in the 25 year old art of FPS game design. Superhot proved that you can make players feel like the most badass of action heroes and cranked it all the way up to eleven.

In case you missed Superhot last year, the developer also unveiled a brand new trailer for the game at this year’s E3 Expo, and its been embedded above.

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