The Games of September 2016


After a seemingly endless Summer, the Fall is finally here! That means we’ll soon be treated to dozens of new games, and not enough time to play them all. Thankfully, the Warp Zoned staff is here to help you sort through September’s new releases, and that includes all the re-releases that publishers are lining up for the next four weeks.

John Scalzo
If you’re a fan of retro gaming like I am, there’s a lot to look forward to in September. And it all started on the 1st with the Wii U debut of Axiom Verge. The Metroid-like platformer has finally come home to a Nintendo platform and I’m looking forward to Off-TV Play and the Speedrun Mode.

However, the game I’m most looking forward to this monthis Pac-Man Championship Edition 2. I was a tad obsessed with both previous games in the series (and even held a Top 25 spot on the Leaderboard at one time), but the idea of more neon-flavored Pac-Mania has me absolutely giddy.

Finally this month, Keiji Inafune will release his Mega Man-inspired ReCore with Armature Studio, and Two Tribes will ride off into the sunset with their side-scrolling shooter, Rive.

Nicole Kline
Senior Editor
September is full of games I’m really excited about, though I doubt I’ll have the time to play them! Capcom’s latest entry in the Phoenix Wright series, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, comes out this month, and I’d love to pick it up.

I’m also very excited for BioShock: The Collection. I’ve played them all but I’d love to play them all again! And the beautiful Darkest Dungeon is finally coming out. I’ve been excited about that one since I saw it in the Indie Megabooth a few years ago!

Andrew Rainnie
UK Correspondent
One series I never played, but really wish I had, was Dead Rising, so I may need to pick up the PS4 re-release of the first three games in the franchise.

I am less bothered about Destiny: Rise of Iron. While the shooting mechanics of Destiny are exemplary, the complete lack of a decent story is a major downfall for me. I battered through the Legendary Edition, only to find a constant slog and grind through the same arenas, which is a damn shame, because the tapestry they have painted is beautiful, but it needed more original, single-player story missions to do it justice. Rise of Iron seems like a last gasp. I might just hold off for Destiny 2.

Mike Ryan
Staff Writer
Wow… September is surprisingly packed with games! I think I may pick up Bioshock: The Collection. I loved the first Bioshock, only played the first half of Bioshock 2, and never played Bioshock Infinite, so this may be a great opportunity to dive back into those games (pun intended).

Speaking of games I never got a chance to play, looks like Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past will be next on my list. I keep hearing how good this game was back on the PSone, and I think I may pick that one up as well. Finally, unlike Andrew, I am very excited about Destiny: Rise of Iron. I only started playing Destiny about six months ago, but I still find it interesting to go back into the thick of things. So I’m definitely down for some new content!

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September 2016 Release Calendar

September 1, 2016

September 5, 2016

September 6, 2016

September 7, 2016

September 8, 2016

September 9, 2016

  • Jotun: Valhalla Edition (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

September 13, 2016

September 15, 2016

  • Noitu Love: Devolution (3DS, Wii U)

September 16, 2016

September 20, 2016

September 22, 2016

  • Severed (Wii U)
  • Virginia (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

September 27, 2016

September 29, 2016

  • Soul Axiom (Wii U)

September 30, 2016

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